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Highlight Product by PrestaShop Product Rating and Review with Google Snippets Module – Features

When we look at the way eCommerce has grown in the past few years, we have to thank the complimentary growth of the internet and the social media. Search engines like Google have also done their bit in promoting any site through ‘rich snippets’. These rich snippets provide a nice summary of your site and display reviews/ratings right on the Google search page. When a potential customer realizes  that your site is what he wants to view, it can result in definite viewing and a possible sale.

eGrove’s Module Bazaar provides with a noteworthy PrestaShop Product Rating Review + Google Snippets Module which helps in making your eCommerce site as SEO friendly as possible. The basic feature of this module is to let any registered users, visitors or buyers post a rating or review that ultimately gets posted on Google’s rich snippets. PrestaShop Product Review Module definitely improves the website’s ranking in Google’s search result pages when the site gets listed with a grand rating shown in graphical stars.

The reviewer can provide thumbs up or thumbs down depending on the product. The administrator can upload his own images instead of the default ‘thumbs up/down’ sign. The PrestaShop Snippets Module provides best rating, aggregate rating, user comments, and product information rich snippet support. The module further provides certain customizable features like customized text for rating scale units, customizable product rating criteria and verifier image upload facility.

The PrestaShop SEO Boost Module also offers Facebook integration facility by posting the product review and URL on the buyer’s facebook page. This kind of referral marketing does great wonders for any online store that depends on ‘word of mouth’. The module boosts the trust of a buyer by displaying a ‘verified rating’ from ‘verified buyers’.

The PrestaShop rating/review module can display aggregate rating of products in listing pages or third-party modules’ product display too. These listing pages could be product listing, category listing, product search listing, offer listing, new products listing, products by manufacturer listing and best selling products listing too. It can also provide a detailed statistics graph display of rating received.

The administrator has control over which user reviews gets published, what posts get displayed on Facebook page, whether ‘thumbs up/down’ gets displayed, custom text for each scale unit configuration, bulk selection and approval of user reviews and editing user review contents. The administrator also has the option to allow auto publishing of reviews or retain the control for intervention.

The module also lets you display the rating in any third-party modules through widget code facility and supports multiple languages. It further supports individual rating count for each scale unit, user reviews, rating and posted date listing in review tab of product page. These exhaustive features of the module make it a star among the other modules of Module bazaar!

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