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Managing Multi Vendors for Shipping in eCommerce through Dropshipper

Webstore owners like to sell products online by creating and maintaining a shopping cart. There is huge count of store owners who do not show more interest in purchasing the products from the wholesale suppliers or the vendors and then sending all the products purchased by the customer to the shipping company to ship the products with the help of shipping carriers. To help such store owners in warehouse maintenance and shipping, eCommerce business world has introduced Dropshipper, a new modern way of handling business using multiple vendors and multiple shipping carriers.

eCommerce Dropshipping enables the store owner to add multiple vendors or the suppliers for the fulfillment of the shopping process. In this new kind of business, the store owners only deal with selling the products online. Purchasing of products and sending the products for shipment is done with the help of the third party vendors .One of the added advantages of this shipping module is, you can add ‘n’ number of vendors for your shopping cart. Website owner creates and attractive shopping cart for selling products, customer places an order and makes payment for the purchased product. The store owner sends all the customer order to the vendor via email or through phone. The vendor controls the entire maintenance of the warehouse, checks for the availability of the product stock and sends the orders for shipment. Acts as a communicator between the customer and the vendor.

You can add multiple shipping carrier for shipping the products to the desired location of the customer. With the help of multiple shipping carriers, you can afford a better customer satisfaction to your customer which attracts and brings in more customer to shop on your site. It can be easily integrated on any eCommerce Prestashop. While choosing the supplier for your Dropshipper Prestashop, you need to highly focus on certain few features which is mandatory for your business development. Need to check if the vendor maintains a systematic flow of stock management. Product stock should be available at 24/7 hours. Check if the product stock is of high quality. Check if the vendor supplies the order to the customers at the correct time without any delay. If you are satisfied with the above features, you can add that supplier to attain more profit to your business. One of the best methods designed for Webster owners to manage multiple shipping carriers for shipping the products. The shipping carriers will calculate the shipping cost based on the kilometers, the carriers travel to ship the products to customers.

If you are looking to save your money and time in maintaining warehouse and shipping, integrate such amazing module in your shopping cart to enhance your product and increase your productivity in sales.


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