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Accept Payment from First Data – Prestashop First Data Payment Module

Online retailers rely on payment gateways for complete processing of customer payments. Online shops without payment gateways are quite impossible. These gateways act as an interface between the merchant and the shopping cart. Merchants should possess merchant account to accept all credit card transactions from these payment gateways. First data is one of the easiest ways of processing credit card payments on your shopping site. Helps your customers to feel secured at the checkout process. You can make use of this gateway to increase your business profit.

Prestashop First Data Payment Module helps mortar owners to accept payments from first data. It is an extension of Prestashop which can be implemented on any Prestashop eCommerce software which supports from 1.4 latest version of Prestashop. It can be easily integrated on your shopping site as this module uses First data payment gateway for processing of payments. Customers can experience secured checkout in this module. Prestashop First Data Module accepts all credit card payments and the entire transaction processing is done by first data. Customer clicks on checkout to make payment for the purchased products. By clicking on checkout, customer enters the credit card details and ends the shopping process.

This module automatically sends the customer’s credit card details to Prestashop First Data Module through a secured connection for processing. First Data Module will collect, validate, and send the payment details directly to the merchant account. Admin panel allows the merchants to update users and order information in the Prestashop. One of the advantage of this module is it allows the store owners to “Authorize & Capture” and “Authorize Only and Capture later feature.

Store owners Authorize & Capture payments, if the customer amount is credited to the merchant account, and the product is ready for shipment. It also helps the merchants to cancel/void any unsettled transactions. Processed orders can be refunded to the customers. For example if the customer is not satisfied with the product he would request the merchant to refund the amount. Multilingual is supported by this module which translates the content on your shopping site into various languages which automatically increases your productivity.

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