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Want a hassle free dropshipping experience? Try PrestaShop DropShipper

Many online business owners feel that shipping the products to customers is the most difficult process in an eCommerce store business. If you are one of them, you will love the idea of DropShipping, as it offers numerous benefits to make the shipping process simpler. If you have decided to use Dropshipping method, make sure to use the best DropShippers for your business. The professional DropShipper will provide the excellent shipping experience to you as well as your customers.

In this article, we are going to see how a PrestaShop Shipping Module helps you to run a successful eCommerce store without worrying about the shipping process.

What is DropShipping?

A DropShipper is a wholesaler that makes an agreement with a retailer to ship products individually. When you use a Wholesaler you don’t have to worry about stocking or shipping products. Instead, when you get an order from a customer, you contact your wholesaler and they ship it to your customer for you. This means you, as a retailer, can sell various products without ever having to stock any inventory. This makes DropShipping very appealing for new, small, home-based online businesses.

How to choose a DropShipper for your online store?

If you want to choose a DropShipper for your online store, then you should ask these questions to your DropShipper.

Which shipping carriers do they use?

The best shipping carriers will deliver the product to the customers at the right time. If your customer doesn’t get their package on time, they’re not going to blame your DropShipper, they’re going to blame you. So make sure that your DropShipper uses best shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.

How much will it cost?

DropShipping providers will charge an annual or a membership fee, while on the other charge you per month or per transaction. So, choose a DropShipper based on your budget. The Best DropShipper eCommerce can provide you the services at an affordable cost.

Do they ship internationally?

Every business wants to extend their store services from national to international. So check whether the DropShipper is able to ship product internationally.

Will they send comments or updates to you?

Make sure that the DropShipper adds shipping comments and updates it to you regularly. So that you can easily come to know the status of the shipping products and keep track of it.

About the Module

When a customer places an order on the PrestaShop site, this module helps the merchant to send the order and the shipping details directly from his site to the supplier or the vendor. They will take care of the entire shipping process. The merchant can save more time. Calculates shipping rates based on product weight, product cost, product quantity, and location of the customer.


Hence, by using this PrestaShop DropShipper Module, you can provide the best shipping experience to your customers. Make your customers happy and increase the sales of your business.

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