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Shipping Carrier Access Point

Shipping Carrier Access Point for convenient delivery point in PrestaShop

Life is getting hectic and people are getting busier day by day. For instance, take a family where the man and the woman of the house are working; they hardly get time to talk with each other. Weekends are the only escape from the tightly scheduled work days and most people plan trips and tours at such times. Online shopping has gained popularity for this reason, as people don’t have the time to shop at local stores. This enables shoppers to purchase products online even in their busy schedule. But then, what about the delivery? With families at work all weekdays and on excursions at weekends, there is nobody left to collect the delivery.This is where PrestaShop Shipping Carrier Access Point comes handy. Read on!

Customers are allowed to choose their preferred location to collect the package. When the customer provides the address this Shipping Carrier Access Point module displays all the nearest collection points based on their post code. The shopper can select their desired delivery, pick-up location from the located access points displayed on the Google map. By clicking on the access point, one can view the details of the collection point and the accessible timing.

By integrating PrestaShop eCommerce Module to your website, customer has the benefit of giving their desired location based on their schedule. The customer just has to specify the address and search for a convenient access point location to collect his or her product. Based on the postcode of the address the Shipping Carrier access point network provides the list of access points that are close to that pin code via Google map. Shop name, Shop image, Shop timings, address and distance information will be displayed for the complete understanding of the customer. Therefore the customers can select their convenient access point and receive their package from that Shipping location.

Benefits of Prestashop Shipping Carrier Access Point

  • The user can enter the address and search the access point location
  • The user can also option to view the list of Access point locations close to the postal code.
  • The user can view the details like Shop name, Shop image, Shop address, distance information (from the address entered in the address book)
  • The user can select the desired delivery location on the Google Map with a single click.
  • Merchants have the advantageous option to show/hide the Access point widgets in the Google Map.
  • The Admin can enable/disable or configure the Shipping Carrier Access point module.
  • A CRON job is integrated in the module to upload the customer manifest information to the Shipping Carrier on a daily basis.

Productivity strategist and motivational speaker Bob Hooey’s quote about customers “If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.” is a conceded fact. As per these words of deep thought, every merchant should take regular steps to improvise the online store by including innovative modules. The Prestashop Shipping Carrier Access Point extension module is one such module that is a must for every online store. Integrate this module, serve your customers better, make optimum convenience for customers, and accomplish your business objectives

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