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CountDown Timer

CountDown Timer extension for Offer Products in eCommerce

eCommerce is an electronic marketing consist of buying and selling products and services over an electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The eCommerce attracts millions of people towards it by providing various benefits to them such as no checkout queues, better prices, shop anywhere and anytime, infinite choice of products, more convenience, time saving, etc. The online store merchants are using different techniques to attract these customers towards their store. In order to help them, the PrestaShop developers developed more than 23,000 of extensions. Each PrestaShop Module is designed to meet the requirements of the merchants and the customers. In this article we are going to see about the PrestaShop countdown timer extension of the product offer in your eCommerce store.

  • More than 125,000 eCommerce websites are built based on the PrestaShop platform.
  • PrestaShop is a MySQL/PHP based open source shopping cart with a huge online community, and an extensive features list.
  • The powerful back office system of PrestaShop eCommerce store that allows the merchant to manage the customers, purchase history, catalog, shipping rates, items in his shopping cart.
  • PrestaShop offers an inclusive, intuitive user administration panel, and gives you more than 198 standard functions that can be adapted or personalized in order to respond to all of your business needs.
  • PrestaShop is mainly recommended for the developers, store owners, and the designers.
  • Many payment gateways, shipping carriers, and the social networking sites are easily integrated with the PrestaShop eCommerce software to provide the best shopping experience to the customers.
  • The effective and straightforward store management helps to change the product attributes effortlessly.
  • The provided marketing and promotional tools, including coupons and discounts will help you to get more customers.

Attracts the customer attention towards your PrestaShop eCommerce store by using the “Countdown Timer Extension”. A countdown is a sequence of backward counting from an arbitrary starting number to stipulate the time remaining before some events such as to launch the products, to finish the projects, to attend the exams, etc. It will increase the curiosity or the tension. Similarly, this extension is designed to increase the curiosity of the customers when you provide the offer for your eCommerce store products by displaying the countdown timer. It will be displayed on the product detailed page. To increase the customer rate and the sales of the product, the online store merchants provide some offers for the particular products.

The regular customers can easily come to know about this offer through visiting your site or by your email. But it will not reach the visitors who visit your website before the day that you are going to provide the offer for the products. To solve this issue, the PrestaShop developers exclusively designed this extension. With the help of this extension, you can easily inform to the visitors that you are going to provide the offer for the particular products and for a particular date. It displays the discount timer with Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds on your PrestaShop eCommerce store. As per your wish you can display that timer in any page of your eCommerce store.

It will alert all the visitors and the regular customers about the product offer. Without spending more money and time, you can easily grasp the attention of all the online customers towards your website. Increase the productivity by using the countdown timer extension for your PrestaShop eCommerce website.