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Customized Mobile App for your eCommerce Store

According to the PRNewswire news release on Dec 2, 2011, the total number of individual mobile apps in the marketplace had reached over 1 million.

Many surveys proved that the rise of new apps leads to the innovative marketing strategy of using a mobile app for business. Hence, most of the businesses have a Mobile shopping cart to sell products to mobile customers. It allows your visitors to view your products quickly and efficiently on their iPhone or Android mobile devices. According to Nielsen study,

• 62% of 25-34-year-olds reported owning a Smartphone
• 18-24-year-olds had the next highest Smartphone usage rate at 54%
• 35-44-year-olds come in justify behind that with 53% reporting Smartphone ownership

Mobile App Age

Most of the online users wish to purchase products at anytime and anywhere in the world. Today, it is quite impossible to see people without using a mobile phone. Mobile apps play an important role in all types of business and day to day life. It is the best way to promote and market the products in the eCommerce business world.

There are many mobile apps around the globe used to run a successful business. Mobile searches have experienced a growth of 4X since 2010, to over 100 billion mobile searches in 2011. (People are looking up to their smartphones for a lot of information, often about local businesses, where to go and what to do).

How Does it Work?

Mobile eCommerce helps your user to easily find the product without having to wait until a desktop or a laptop loads. Just a few simple steps are required for him /her to shop through eCommerce sites from anywhere.

Develop or buy a mobile app for your business and allow your customers to download this app in their Smartphones. To use your app, your customers have to provide some basic information like name, email id, etc. Once your customers downloaded this app in their phones, you can send alerts or notifications about your store offers, discounts, information about your business events, deals, and rewards directly to their phones.

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How to Choose a Best Mobile App for your eCommerce Store?

Developing a mobile app for a business, it’s a difficult task. There are many development companies ready to develop best mobile apps based on the business requirement. Hire some professional development team to create an app for your business. Several mobile apps are available on the Internet. Based on the business requirement, you can choose a suitable app.

  • Save customers time
  • Make customers feel happy and convenient
  • Provide pleasant shopping experience
  • Boost them to visit your store again and again

By developing a shopping cart app for your business, you can easily increase the sales of your business. Your customers can purchase products from your store at any time via their mobile phone. This will satisfy them and enhance your business growth.

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