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Facebook Social Networking to your Magento Store

The social media site act as a marketing tool to extend the business from the low level to the high level. Millions of people using social networking sites for the different purposes like sharing photos, videos, thoughts, make chat with others, advertising the products, etc. Today Facebook Social Networking plays a vital role to improve the business growth. Hence the developers developed many modules which are used to integrate the social media sites with Magento and the PrestaShop based eCommerce store. The Magento Social Media Integration provides various benefits to the customers and the merchants. By using social media sites on your Magento based eCommerce store, you can easily attract more number of customers without investing large amounts of money and time. Always social media sites provide various ways to increase the sales of the company.

Facebook social networking site used by more than 900 millions of people in the globe. It has approximately 800,000,000 visitors in one month. Just think, that if you use this Facebook site for your Magento store, definitely you will get more benefits. There is no doubt on this. I know the next question arise in your mind is, how can I integrate Facebook to my Magento store? Don’t worry, I have a solution. The Magento Development team developed some modules that can help you to integrate the social networking site with your Magento store. By implementing these modules you can reach the millions of customers through Facebook. If you allow the user to login your site with their Facebook account, they feel very comfortable. Because through this they can easily avoid the waste of time by filling the registration form, when they want to create a login account on your site.

On Facebook you can easily advertise your product to many people without investing large amount. You can also share the product with the image, demo video, the upcoming event, newsletter, etc. If you provide the Facebook share button in your store, your product will reach more people. Let me explain you clearly. A visitor come to your site and searching the product items. If he likes a particular product and he wants to share that product with his friends. In this situation, he can use that Facebook share button to share that particular product detail with his friends. And definitely it will reach more people than you expect. It is the best and an easy way to advertise your product details with others by your customers. For this, you need not to spend time, money, your energy, etc. By displaying the Facebook symbol on your Magento store, you can show to everyone that you updating your site with the latest technology.

This Magento Extension will help you to increase the sales of the company and to improve the level of the company in the today’s marketing rate. 90% of the marketers trust that integrating the store with the social networking sites are used to increase the business growth of the company. Attract the millions of customers by using the Facebook social networking site for your Magento store.

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  • Social media is the best place to promote your business & share your products in between your customers. Magento is the best platform for your online business & if you are using social media extension on it so it will improve your sale in a better way.