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Module bazaar - magento-geoip-module

Magento Store Auto Language redirection by IP Detection

Magento is a reliable and a dependant eCommerce platform which is trusted by more than 200,000 online store merchants around the globe. They believe that Magento is an elegant platform because of its flexibility, scalability and adaptable through its modular architecture. It provides the full control to the eCommerce store owner to manage the content, look, and the functionality of his own online channel. It helps to increase the growth of their business in an effective way and offering excellent modules for their sales increases. The Magento eCommerce Modules are designed to fulfil all the business needs of the merchants. These modules are used in different ways to grab the attention of the customers towards the Magento based eCommerce store.

These modules are playing a large and vital role in the progress of Magento Commerce because they are helping to not only advance and enhance Magento, but also to literally shape its existence. It helps to extend the Magento in various ways, allowing Magento store owners to establish professional and customized stores that suit their individual eCommerce requirements as well as that of their customers.

  • Magento is a powerful eCommerce system offering rich customization possibilities by extensions and modules.
  • Magento based eCommerce store gives more benefits to the merchants as well as the merchants.
  • It is integrated with many payment gateways to offer the secure payment services to the customers.
  • It combined with the shipping carriers to provide the fastest and safest shipping process in the store.
  • Many social networking sites are easily integrated with the PrestaShop eCommerce software to increase the page visibility and the rank of the website.
  • Allows the merchants to control multiple stores by using the single admin panel.
  • It supports more than 50 languages and multiple currencies to provide the eCommerce store services to the worldwide customers.

The Magento GeoIP Detection is a great module which is used to offer the services to the customers based on their native language. That means, if a customer from China visit your eCommerce store to buy or search any product, at this point this extension detects the IP address of that customer and redirects him to your other store which has all the details based on the Chinese language automatically. This will be more useful for him to know all the information by its native language and it motivates him to buy the products from your Magento based eCommerce store.

This extension will be more beneficial for the merchants who, having multiple stores in different languages. This automatic redirection helps you to save more time. It helps the merchants to serve better and efficient. By using this module on your eCommerce store, you can offer the services based on the customers native language without spending your time. The currency settings can be done by both manual and automatic. By using custom GEOIP import services, you can easily handle the currency update. It is a friendly interface module which attracts many visitors towards your website and increases the visibility of your site in the search engines.

These types of extensions are widely used for developing the Magento eCommerce website. You can also hire the best Magento Development service provider for your eCommerce store performance. The professional and the best service provider helps you to achieve your goal easily within the short period of time. Choose the perfect development company for your Magento store and boost the productivity of your business.

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