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How to Buy a Custom Software Product?

With the number of online shoppers skyrocketing, the software development has grown in leaps and bounds. Development firms have been pushed to earn the better edge than their competitors by exploring better options to strike the right chord amongst their customer base.

Buying mobile apps and software products (on desired platforms such as Python and Java) have been on the rise as not all small and medium size companies are able to develop their own apps and software. This is primarily due to the extensive technical know-how and the investment which goes into a development cycle.

So how do such small size businesses fill this gap and yet stay on par with their competitors?

Well, ready-made mobile app builders and software developers come to the rescue of such budding start-ups.

Mobile app builders and software developers save business owners from putting in all the effort and funds to create a brand-new app or product. For example; Retailers can simply choose from the available plethora of templates to get-going with their ecommerce kiosk on mobile.

Let us assume a eCommerce business owner opting to buy a ready-made mobile app builder. Now, how does this business owners benefit from them?

A Compendium of Services:

A ready-made app builder includes numerous templates from which retailers can choose and also customize. It also includes options to take charge of branding. You are free to meddle around with the colors and themes to obtain that final output you have been craving for. Themes are meant to be user-friendly which help customers to have a detailed view of the products, catalogues, comparative price listings and so on. Retailers need not run around to find service providers for specific aspects; a mobile app builder ensures that all the facets of an ecommerce store are taken care of.


Undoubtedly, your online kiosk will need to sync with the website. A mobile app builder functions with the competency to automatically synchronize based on your website. Any change made on the website reflects on your online space too. As all this happens without any additional intervention, it saves time and the extra effort to make sure that everything is up-to-date.


Monitoring and having a hold on the performance of your online kiosk is equally important as it is to develop a state-of-the-art mobile app. Mobile app builders frees you from the trouble of imbedding a separate analytic feature as it is coupled with a proactive system which keeps quantifying the performance of your online kiosk, generates intuitive reports, identifies bottlenecks and also provides timely inputs to curb concerns.

The advantages may choose enticing while as business owner one might have to take a closer looks at the limitations and risks involved:

Yes, as there are two sides of a coin, there are few factors to be reconsidered by retailers before dovetailing their kiosk with a mobile app builder.

Data Security:

When it comes to the ecommerce arena, customer data security is of highest priority. A mobile app builder say functioning on the SaaS model, deals with a particular provider of a different geography also governed by the laws of their own land. In such a scenario, there is no assurance that your customer data is safe. The chances of fraudulence become higher as they are not bound by native laws. In such cases, it is always best to remain secured through signed documents from both sides, though subjected to organizational norms.

Availability of Open Source Scripts:

Building a mobile app requires considerable understanding of the actual need of the app, the kind of audience it has to cater to, technical specifications and so on. With the internet flooded with too many open source scripts, there is a possibility that stakeholders attempt to give it a try. They may end up developing a mobile app but it may not serve its purpose. All this may result in impacting the performance of the online kiosk and potential conversion rates ultimately.

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May not be Tailor-made:

Mobile app builders come with pre-defined templates which can be simply chosen and put to use. But, at times they may either seem over done or also miss few specifications. The mobile app builder provider is a third-party who has absolutely no exposure to your company needs. A mobile app builder may look like a generic platform for you to use. Though there are options to customize themes and templates, it may happen that couple of features remains unused and you need few more to be added.

Final thoughts:

A mobile app builder definitely proves to be a rescuer for many organizations who cannot afford the time and budget to develop an app from scratch. But for others they may remain inappropriate. The incorporation of such mobile app builders solely depends on the nature and size of the business and how well it can blend in real-time to deliver optimum results.

Source here: How to Buy a Custom Software Product?

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