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Google Image Search: How To Get Traffic Without Building Links?

Link building isn’t the only way to draw in traffic for a website. One of the more overlooked strategies is search image optimization. Decent SEO services don’t just provide textual content for a search engine ranking. It’s important to also think about higher ranking in image search results. A decent ranking in a Google image search can drive a surprising amount of traffic to your site.

However, implementing effective image optimization can be difficult to achieve. This is especially true for novice digital marketers, which is why so many people turn toward professional SEO services for help. There is an intense amount of research and work to be done in order to get a proper rank in images.

The Importance of Tags

Tagging is essential for image optimization. Just like with regular SEO, keywords around the image can be extremely beneficial for your site. For a service like Google Images, it specifically looks for these elements from a page:

• A descriptive title tag. Also known as a meta title, it serves to tell a search engine what the page is about.
• A title tag of the image.
• The wrap text around an image.
• An Image Alt attribute. This HTML element provides alternative text whenever the image isn’t available, or when a user is listening to the content rather than viewing it.

All of these tagging elements help search engines organize and categorize your website. When a search engine better understands what your site is about, it will typically reward you with a better ranking. Use image tagging to accurately and concisely describe your content.

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Long Tail Keywords

If you know about keyword research, then you might have heard about long tail keywords. These are very specific keyword phrases that usually contain three or four words. This strategy hopes to capitalize on the search engine users who like to type in specific phrases. More specific keywords in your web pages can mean less competition in the search engine results.

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Image Size Matters

It isn’t just a matter of choosing an image that is related to the content of your web page. The image needs to be good quality, good resolution, and have decent size in order to attract traffic. Be careful not to make the image too big. You don’t want the image file to be so massive that drags down the loading time of your web page. Slow loading time can negatively affect your ranking.


Don’t underestimate the importance of visual content. Think about how often you use Google Images, and how often you click on an image and end up exploring another site. Some people are more drawn in to to the image of a site rather than the text of it.

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