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Joomla is the best choice for Content related issues

Joomla is a popular and an award-winning open-source content management framework (CMF) for publishing web content, which is written in PHP and MySQL. It enables users to build web sites and powerful online applications. It is widely used for developing news portals, corporate websites, social networking websites, community-based portals, Government applications, and online forums. There are many companies that offer Joomla Development Services at an affordable cost to enhance the performance of the website. With these services, website owner can easily create, edit, publish, and manage the content on his website. It is also used to design interactive, rich, user-friendly, and dynamic website.

The professional and experienced service provider can offer development services for Joomla based website such as,

  • Joomla website development
  • Joomla template design & development
  • PSD to Joomla integration
  • Joomla custom development
  • Joomla website maintenance
  • Joomla blog development
  • Joomla plugin/extension/component development
  • Joomla eCommerce website development
  • Joomla CMS development
  • Joomla SEO services.

Joomla is a flexible CMS that can be used for different types of business websites. Popular websites that use Joomla are Citibank (Financial institution intranet), Harvard University (Educational), MTV Networks Quizilla (Social networking), PlayShakespeare.com (Cultural), The Green Maven (Eco-resources), IHOP (Restaurant chain), Outdoor Photographer (Magazine), Senso Interiors (Furniture design), and many. Joomla has more than 2000 extensions with rich features such as secure payment options, social networking, and fast cache for Google and many more SEO related.

Joomla is an excellent CMS which is used by 9% of CMS users. It is easy to install and setup. The system is divided into three types of pages: Sections, Categories, and Articles. It has over 200,000 community users and contributors. Joomla CMS provides the rich, efficient, and professional business website that attracts many customers and increases the traffic of a website.

Joomla – Ideal Choice for CMS

Most of the CMS website owners wish to use Joomla for their websites. It is the perfect CMS software which can solve many content related issues.

In Joomla, admin can easily produce, edit, and manage content when compared to other CMS. Admin can easily assign new users to a group. One issue is that each user can be added to only one group. If a user performs both authoring and editing duties, for example, she or he cannot easily be added to both groups. The core software also does not support the creation of user-defined groups. So if an organization has users it would like to designate as bloggers instead of authors, this would be impossible without Joomla!

Some extensions can allow for the creation of new groups, but the lack of integration with content access control can be a problem when using extensions in this fashion. Joomla was originally designed as an enterprise-grade CMS. This makes it far more capable at handling a large volume of articles than WordPress. For a CMS based website, article plays an important role. With Joomla, admin can provide professional and rich content article on his website. It is the best CMS to handle the content properly in CMS website.

A website owner can attain the full benefits of Joomla, when he Hires Joomla Developers who have good knowledge in content development services. Experienced and dedicated developers can provide perfect solutions based on CMS website requirements. So website owner must be sure to choose the right service provider for enhancing his Joomla website.

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