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Magento PayPal Gateway Offer a safe online shopping for Spain Customer

Online shopping in becoming famous these days as people get excited when they are able to purchase the product using credit cards and debit cards. Still most of the customers regret to give the personal information and card details as they do not know how far it is going to be safe. Hence it is essential for the shop owner or merchants to provide them a secured PayPal processing. This Magento PayPal Pasarela Integral Extension safeguards your customers’ financial and personal details from fraud and theft.

About Magento PayPal Gateway Module 

This module is easy to install on your website and it enables you to simply connect to the PayPal Pro servers and process the cards without going to the through a PayPal gateway. Merchants can accept the credit card payments directly in their website. In order to process the credit card payments with the PayPal, shop owners require a PayPal account. Your customer would be happy purchasing the product with you as this Integral extension module supports major credit cards and debit cards. As this module ingrates the PayPal server the confidential data of the customer like credit card or debit card details are given to the PayPal and it does not require any SSL certificate. Customer can easily understand this secured way of processing as will never miss an opportunity of buying the product with you. Because of its multi-currency support, it helps you to bring more number of customers to your store and increase the sales enormously. With the help of this module, you can process the payment immediately or later in case you have a doubt on the customer’s credit card details as it comes with the feature ‘Authorization & Capture’ or ‘Authorize Only’. In addition, this module also offers you with the customization options for your website forms such as Payment form, Pay Now button and style, template from your Merchant Account, Template configuration page for more visibility and to draw the attention of the customers.

The Magento PayPal Pasarela Integral for Spain allows the merchant to integrate the shopping site to Paypal servers and process the payments easily.

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