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Magento Yahoo Connect reduces Customers register time

Social media is one of the largest networks accessed by millions and millions of people located globally. With the help of these social media sites people stay connected to each other and maintain their relationship for years to years. People exchange messages in the form of videos, contents and images. Yahoo connect is one among the social media sites which connects all yahoo users worldwide. If you integrate Magento Yahoo Connect on your website, customers can easily register and shop on your sites.

Magento Yahoo Connect Extension is created to convert all yahoo users as your customers. Customers who possess yahoo account can easily login and register into your shopping cart within a fraction of seconds rather than the customers who hesitate to complete the registration form by navigating them to pages and pages which is really a tedious task for them. This module is compatible to be installed on any Magento 1.6 and 1.7 versions. One of the awesome module which automatically saves the login registration time of your valuable customers. All yahoo users will love to shop on your shopping site as any customer with yahoo account can log-in easily and purchase products.

By integrating this module on your shopping cart you can increase more number of audiences to your website. Imagine if you own an online store and it is obvious for your customers to complete the registration process before he wishes to purchase his desired product on your website. You need to set up the registration process quicker and easier rather than designing it complicated as most of the customers do not have more patience in providing personal details. Suppose if you have designed a tedious registration for your website, customers who visit your website might feel the login process is so complicated, he might quit from half of the process and search for a new one. In this case, you lose one order which automatically increases your drop off rate and makes your business dull.

Magento Social Signin Module helps user to log-in instantly by providing the correct yahoo login credentials. Installing this module is quite easy and attains a user friendly experience to your customers. One of the amazing advantages of this module is there is no need to remember login ID and passwords whenever your customers are interested to shop on your website. Your customers can experience a seamless login experience. This extension will also provide default login options for users who do not possess yahoo account to register and create a customer account. Admin panel of this module will allow the merchants to create their own login buttons and upload the login images whenever required. The module is quite easy to configure and maintain. Merchants can create and update the “Thank You” message which will be automatically displayed to your customers after each successful registration process.

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