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Refine your Home page with appealing Slideshow

Multi-block Slider Module is a module that helps online PrestaShop Owners / Merchants to have multiple images of products/services on their home page, instead of one or two static images.

Why should a merchant require a separate PrestaShop Multi-block slider module?

Depending on the type and size of the online PrestaShop store, multiple product images can be configured and these images can be automatically run as slide shows without the user’s intervention.

Multi Block Slider Module gives the scope and freedom to merchants to easily setup, configure different home page slideshows or carousel with various options to manage blocks, images, sizes, transitions for each of the slideshows.The website Admin (merchant) can configure the type of slideshow that he wants the visitor to view from list of available Slideshow types.

This Home Slideshow module has been designed to be fully configurable and customizable in back office; and lo! It is easily installable as the Admin can upload it to the server and activate it in the modules tab.

Compliance? Nothing to be worried about as it has been developed in strict adherence to the PrestaShop development standards and is easy to install and to use.

Some of the salient features of PrestaShop Multi Block Slider:

Selecting the slider from 5 options as listed below:

  1. One Block Slideshow
  2. Four  Block Slideshow
  3. Two Block Horizontal Slideshow
  4. Two Block Vertical Slideshow
  5. Three Block Vertical Slideshow

Some of the PrestaShop Multiblock Slider Module not-to-be-overlooked features to be note dare

Each of the blocks can have different transitions and independent basic configurations.

Check out the Demo video of Multi-block slider module:

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