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Prestashop Brand display addons enables the Product Brand Image

Day by day eCommerce business attract more customers with their different features. Help your customers find what they are looking for! For a multi-product, multi-brand online store, “Shop by brand” is a must-to-have feature. Every shop owner needed this feature to build their site and for the customers who search products by brands. Prestashop Brand Module is used to display block, a site owner can place brands in their website. Brands will be displayed separately and each brand will have the URL to display. Prestashop Brand Display is a smart way to display brands. The custom built brand display block to position brands on your website.

Prestashop Logo Display Module displays brands in the home page for the customers who selects the branded products for purchase. The customers feel very comfortable and they never move to another site. Through this you can show the tie-up between you and top most branded companies. And of course you are promoting their products by displaying their company logo on your website. Famous brands will yield more sales for you because brand lovers will be able to directly reach out to their desired products. Brands show strong identity, website not having this identity will lose lots of customers. If you place a famous brand on your home page then definitely you can say that you attract more customers than the other site owners.

This module allows the administrator to configure the brand logo display dimension. The website owner can display the brands in any four positions of the site. If you like to display the logo in the left – bottom you can choose it from the options given by the module. The position can be managed in the Back office. The administrator can control the scrolling option and speed. The block title display can be manageable. The administrator can format the title text display with the options to style the font. You can change the border style using the options available in this module. It allows the administrator to configure the Block title. The graphical image feature is based on Ajax.

The dimension of the graphical image can be configured by the administrator. It allows the merchant to change the graphical image status. The merchant can feel very proud by showing the famous brand on their website. Increase the sales, attract more customers and improve the customer services by displaying the product brand on the home page. Be famous by buying this smart module.

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