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Python Groupon Group Deals Clone Script

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About the Script:

We welcome you to start discovering your own group buying website by introducing the only Python script based “Python group deal”. A group on clone script which is intensively examined and esteemed by its users, administrators and merchants. We assure you that this is the best mode to start with.


PayPal Pro, a Supreme product payment gateway for product purchase is featured to be used as integration. In case of multiple user payments it could be concurrently processed using the option ‘Mass payment’. While reaching the minimum subscriber levels the authorized deals are to be captured and upon reaching pre-set maximum deal count all the user payments are processed. Newsletter subscription is to subscribe information about a particular product and referring friends using links and comments are also featured.

Report and Coupon code for the Merchants are options which could be generated. Reports provide detailed information to the Mercantile about the preferred product. The Merchant can also check the status of the coupons which could be tracked about whether they are used or not. Products are displayed in accordance to their category.



Signing up and logging in using their facebook account, offering gift deals to their acquaintances, displaying slide show for deals, and the availability of making the users and the Merchants to view the deals are the other relevant features integrated.

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