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3 Marketing Strategies for eCommerce brands to increase sales on Instagram

If you want to advertise the products and services provided by your company without making extensive investments, you could consider advertising on various social media platforms, and one such platform is Instagram. This platform is ideal for eCommerce brands to display the products or services provided by them because most Instagram prefer making purchases online from eCommerce stores. Moreover, people who purchase from online stores belong to the younger generation, and they are usually ardent followers of Instagram. Hence, if you were to advertise the products retailed by your eCommerce portal on Instagram, you will get easy access to a prospective customer base, which would be substantial in size, but without making a significant effort. Some of the marketing strategies that you could implement to improve your sales using Instagram are as follows:

Shoppable post on Instagram

A shoppable post on Instagram looks like any other Instagram post but differs from other posts as it has an icon of a small shopping bag near the picture. This is a unique form of social media marketing as visitors looking at the post can make a purchase. By clicking on the shopping bag, they can purchase a particular product. If you want to sell the products retailed by your eCommerce firm on Instagram, then provide some details of the product on Instagram and multiple product images. If you want customers to enjoy checking out more products, then create a carousel-like effect so that customers can look at similar products and select the ones they wish to purchase. This will improve your chances of getting more products sold through Instagram.

Click to messenger ads on Instagram

You can create exciting and eye-catching messenger advertisements on messenger for Instagram. This is an extension of digital marketing. It is a more personalized form of messaging, and people will receive information about the products retailed by your firm directly on the messenger. These advertisements should be designed so that these are attractive, and customers can make purchases by clicking on these advertisements. An automated chatbot can help customers who wish to make purchases with the entire process. The sales should be designed so that it will take the customer directly from the advertisement to the purchase page. It will simplify the entire process of making a purchase and improve your company’s chances of making more sales. 

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IGTV videos

The Instagram TV videos can be nearly hour-long videos, and you can upload all essential information regarding your company’s products on your Instagram profile. Your customers can learn about your company and the products retailed by your firm. These stay permanently on your profile, and you can keep adding to these videos. These add a sense of familiarity, and your customers can associate closely with your company. Additionally, the IGTV videos also help in building trust in your customers. Your customers can develop brand association and brand awareness through these videos. So it would be best if you considered uploading videos that are not only authentic but provide in-depth information about the products retailed by your firm.

Thus, Instagram is an excellent platform for eCommerce firms to increase the sales of the products that are retailed by them. This platform can also be used to diversify the already current marketing strategies and can also be used to increase sales. Additionally, Instagram can also make existing customers aware of the new products launched by a particular eCommerce platform. So if you are the owner of an eCommerce platform and are looking to increase your company’s sales, you can consider using the various options offered by Instagram.

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