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Why Mobile App Fails and How To Resolve Them?

Top Reasons Why Mobile App Fails and How To Resolve Them?

The more mobile apps get introduced in the app stores, the more benefits the customers receive. While the abundance of mobile apps is useful for users, it can prove disadvantageous for business owners who are planning to attract traffic through their company’s app. It might come as a surprise, but approximately 80 to 90 percent of the apps are uninstalled after their first use.

So what are the reasons for app failures in app stores? What is a major turn off for your app users? Let’s have a look at the top reasons why mobile app fails and the tips to resolve this issue.

Why Mobile App Fails?

Inability to Solve Real-World Problems

Users check your app and download it to get the information they were looking for. If you check the app stores, you will find a plethora of apps that are nothing but a copy of the famous applications. Do you think your audience will download something that’s already installed on their smartphones? 

If you want to gain the attention of your visitors, you must come up with a unique and useful app that solves the real-time problem of your users. The mobile app fails when people design it only as a source of earning. The best way to ensure that your app receives appreciation and organic traffic is to provide your users with useful content. 

Unable to understand Your Target Audience

You might think, “we already know who our target audience is and how we can get their attention.” Unfortunately, only a few companies manage to understand their actual audience. Your mobile app will not last long in the app stores if you fail to understand your audience. The solution to this problem is market research. Conduct research to learn what your audience is looking for? And, who exactly will benefit from your app? 

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For example, if you are designing a game app for kids under 6-7 years, your audience is not just the kids but their moms and nannies as well. After all, their elder siblings and mommies will be the one to download the game for them. 

Failure to Choose the Right App Platform

You are inviting trouble by not choosing the right platform for your app. While selecting a mobile app platform, you must keep in mind the preference of your target audience. Make sure that you choose the right platform before you start the Mobile app development process. Instead of focusing on the platform that suits your budget and knowledge, you must opt for the one that fits your user’s requirement.

Excessive or Limited Features

Most of the Mobile apps fails in the market because of the improper balancing factor. You don’t want to overwhelm your users by presenting too many features that seem super complicated. Similarly, you don’t want them to uninstall your app just because your competitors have better and more features. The number of features that integrate into your app should be decided by the device it will be used in, your audience, and the usability.

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