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PrestaShop Upgradation

Upgradation of PrestaShop modules and its benefits

Owing to a plethora of online players and startup ventures into the online space. Online customers provides a lot of options as to which eCommerce provider to choose and which one to reject. In such a scenario, wherein the bargaining power lies with the customers, and eCommerce Providers operating in an oligopolistic market. PrestaShop Upgradation is imperative for service providers to constantly innovate new features, analysis and invent new metrics. So, for better understanding of customer behavior put across a more robust and reliable eCommerce platform. This creates halo of information for who are on-board.

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Need for product upgradation – Changing market dynamics and customer purchase behavior

Unlike offline purchases wherein customers had the luxury of holding and checking the product on hand before making a purchase decision, online sales do not provide this kind of luxury. Therefore, it is imperative for eCommerce providers to provide as close an experience to customers so that they could feel that they are hand picking their product from a given set of choices. Keeping this mind, eCommerce platform constantly get upgrades by market analyst and developers. A few state of the art functionalities which could add value to the web site behavior of customers could be:-

  1. The ability of a customer to play around with the product. Having a rotational view of the same, change color, texture of the same and check how it looks.
  2. You can also combine the product with another complementary product to check if it matches and much more
  3. Adding different payment gateways to the eCommerce platform
  4. Adding advanced analytical tools which could exactly tell the churn rate on each landing page of the web site.

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All these needs are on subsequent module upgradation. This adds a lot of value and depth of the research and findings.

PrestaShop Upgradation – Provide customers a replica of offline retail shopping

PrestaShop, through its innovative and market relevant analysis and research, aims to provide a rich experience to its customers with each and every release and upgradation that they perform on a time to time basis. This PrestaShop upgradation enables eCommerce developers to include state of the art functionalities on their eCommerce application so that users could get an enriching experience of using their platform.

Apart from the higher levels of customization provided there are other functionalities and features which are included keeping in mind the developers’ point of view.  This helps the end users to check their products and advanced analytical abilities. eCommerce developers, owing to the upgradation, find it extremely convenient to put across the design. Because these updates allows them to create their textures, colors, fonts, allow them to create different text effects. Also enables them to combine products which complement each other. This helps them customize and improvise on the product images and much more.

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Other than that, PrestaShop upgradation also helps in extending payment gateways and modules. This include various shipping, delivery options and other facilities which could help them conquer new customers.

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