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Smartphone loyalty application for eCommerce

Most eCommerce store owners want success in their business. There are many aspects used by online store owners to achieve their goal. But customer attraction is the important aspect that helps merchant to run a successful eCommerce business. Attracting customers is not an easy task. In brief, Many online shoppers wish to purchase products from a store that offers loyalty programs. So, by using loyalty program in the eCommerce store, the merchant can easily attract many customers and also increase loyal customers. This article is about a Smartphone loyalty application for eCommerce stores.

According to several reports, many Smartphone users have keen interest in interacting with loyalty programs via mobile devices.

Mobile Loyalty Application Programs

Loyalty programs are currently used in many online businesses to grab customers’ attention towards the eCommerce store. It encourages loyal customers to purchase more products from the store and also do business with the particular organization regularly. Loyal customers play an important role in all types of business.

Loyalty points are given to loyal customers in the form of a plastic or paper card, similar to a credit card, debit card, or digital card. Thus, these loyalty cards available as rewards cards, points card, advantage card, club card, etc. Most of the value seeking customers are not comfortable using plastic or punch cards. Hence, the Smartphone loyalty app is for the loyal customer to collect their loyalty points.

Several mobile loyalty apps are on the Internet to develop eCommerce sales. Elite Loyalty App (ELA) is one of the best Smartphone apps that helps eCommerce business owners to easily increase their product sales. With ELA, a website owner can easily manage his customers’ reward points.

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How Loyalty Application used in eCommerce business?

If an eCommerce business owner has decided to provide discounts, offers and deals in his store how will his customers come to know about the offers? In this situation, this loyalty app helps business owners intimate about offers to his customers via Smartphones instantly. This is  done by sending alerts to customers’ phone about offers and deals, which urges them to visit the eCommerce store and also purchase more products from the store.

By receiving notifications, your customers feel very special and this makes them to do repeat business with the eCommerce store owner. The merchant can award the loyal customers with reward points to increase their loyalty. This mobile app also allows eCommerce business owners to create customer groups based on their purchase trends, age, gender, demography and other parameters in order to easily manage all the customers.

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  • An innovative technique to attract many new customers
  • Build friendly relationship with customers
  • Increase loyal customers in the eCommerce business
  • Helps to increase the visibility of eCommerce store
  • Customers feel to purchase more products from the store to collect more reward points
  • Easy customer management


Lastly, The Mobile Loyalty Application Program provides benefits to users as well as the shoppers. Shoppers receive constant alerts about the deals and offers, also redeem their reward points before expiry. This benefits the store in return. By using this mobile app, the business owner can manage all his customers and increase the growth of the business in an effective way.

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