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When and Why Should You Choose to Build Your Mobile App in Python?

Are you planning to build an app, but can’t decide on the language? Well, Python is one of the best choices for people looking to build a smooth, flawless, and efficient mobile app. Many mobile apps are built on Python. The best examples are Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify. 

Keep reading this post to learn everything about mobile app development and how Python is used for developing a successful app. We will also discuss the steps for building an app using Python and the examples of the app built in this programming language.

Can You Use Python for Mobile App Development?

Python has been used in the web designing and development field for years. It’s quite popular in data science, web development, and process automation areas. But, the question is “can you use Python for mobile apps”? Is it really a reliable option for mobile app development or should you consider other languages? 

Fortunately, Python can be used for mobile app development. Thanks to the Kivy framework launched in 2011. Earlier, using Python for mobile app development was not an option. Now that we have different types of Python GUI frameworks, it has become possible for companies to write the codes in Python. In fact, Python is one of the most versatile languages when it comes to mobile apps. From simple web browser apps to complex games, the language can design and develop nearly all types of mobile apps seamlessly.

Another biggest advantage of Python is that it’s a cross-platform language. You can build both Android and iOS apps using the language.

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What Do You Need for Building a Mobile App Using Python?

No matter which programming language you are using for mobile app development, the ideal time it takes to complete the development process is between 2 and 3 months. Usually, it depends on the complexity of the app. The more features you add, the longer the process will be. Here’s what the process of mobile app development using Python looks like:

  • Writing a brief for app developers
  • Searching for the best python development company and explaining the development procedure to them
  • UI/UX designing
  • Building the app
  • Testing
  • Releasing the app on Play Store or App Store

If you have an in-house team of mobile app developers, you may not need to outsource the task to a third party. However, if you don’t have professional developers on your team, you will have to look for the best and most reputable app development companies.

Cost of Python Mobile App Development

The cost of python mobile app development depends on a number of factors. For example, the time it takes to build an app, the expertise of the app developer, where they are based, and the complexity of the app are a few essential factors that determine the cost of your project. 

The average cost of a simple mobile app is approx $9500 if you hire a US app developer. Make sure you discuss the cost of the project with the top app development companies before making any decision. Discuss the features you’d like to add, research the expertise of the python development company, and get a quote. The developer might charge a fixed fee or price per hour. It’s best to discuss these requirements in advance. The team will ask you the features you’d like to include in the mobile app, how you want to build it, will it be a cross-platform app, and so on. 

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