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WordPress Developers Meetup at eGrove Systems

eGrove Systems always tries to be part of something bigger. As a result, WordPress developers team has organized a developers meetup on May 5th, 2017.

WordPress Developers

eGrove Systems offer CMS development services to our clients. CMS or Content Management System is important for every website, whether it is a simple information website or complex eCommerce application. It is specially designed for websites that frequently change the contents (like news websites; sports-based websites etc…) and requires content management system.

Thus, eGrove systems implemented the advanced open source CMS technologies like Open Source CMS Software to manage the content of our client websites. Our Business Analyst will patiently listen to your needs and also suggest a cost effective CMS solution for you. Thus allows you to gain all the control, security and functionality you need.

The topics discussed in the meetup are,

1. WordPress website optimization
2. Website optimization for search engines

For WordPress developers, the following checklist are for better website performance,

1. Web-page Load Test

Google page speed insight gives a detailed report on page speed of the website both on Mobile and Desktop.

However, It depends upon the page speed of the website the errors that needs a fix. They are categorized based upon the priority.

The other tools are,
1. Pingdom
2. GT metrics

2. Minify CSS and JS files

Timeout loading functionality are implemented for unwanted CSS, JS, images, and also videos.
1. Add videos in iframe with set timeout
2. Optimized images but it shouldn’t affect the image quality

3. Basic on-page elements

On-page elements like implementing google analytics code, meta robots tag and also updating the page in the sitemap.

About eGrove Systems: Established in 2008, eGrove Systems is an ISO certified Software Development Company specialized in building functionally-rich software solutions. Our team of WordPress developers is highly skilled and also provide the best user-friendly solutions according to business needs.

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