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WordPress Paypal Payment Advanced – Secured Checkout

Online shoppers focus highly on shopping carts adhered to secured payment methods. If your shopping site is secured, it automatically increases your business profit. Check out is one of the most important process which occurs on all online stores. Mortar store owners should have a proper plan of integrating the right payment method for your shopping cart before your customers start shopping on it. Two main features you need to choose when selecting payment methods are your online store should be secured and offer seamless checkout without the need of redirection.WordPress PayPal Payment Advanced module affords customers to experience secured way to check out from your shopping sites.

Supports WordPress Version 3.2.1 or higher. It is tested up to WordPress 3.4.2. Customers love to shop on sites integrated with secured payment methods for processing transactions. This module uses the PayPal payment method for checkout. WordPress Paypal Module works with PayPal by embedding an iframe in the checkout process of your shopping cart. By embedding this payment method, customers can end the entire checkout process on your shopping site rather than redirecting or diverting the customers to different payment sites for checkout. You can make your customers to stay on your site, which in turn stimulates them to buy more products by increasing your sales percentage.

Paypal is one of the payment method used mainly for secured payment transactions. So there is no need to worry about purchasing an SSL certificate for your websites. PayPal charges $5 per month for delivering secured checkouts on the website without redirection. Accepts credit card payments and the processing of these credit card transactions is done by the PayPal Advanced payment method. The WordPress Payment Advanced Module is implemented using two payment options as “Pay with PayPal” and “Pay with credit or debit card”. Customers can check out by clicking any one of the payment options as per their own interest. The main advantage of integrating this payment method is it makes your business look more secured and professional.

Another salient feature supported by this module is the admin panel offers access to the merchants to “Authorize and Capture”, “Authorize only & Capture later feature” and “refund”. Online store owners Authorize and Capture, if the customer payments is credited to the merchant account and the product is ready for shipment. Authorize only & Capture later feature is done, when the customer amount is only authorized and the funds is not settled to the merchant account, for example the amount of the purchased product is less or not sufficient for billing the product. Refund feature is done by the merchants when the customer’s request to cancel the ordered product. So online store owners cancel the processed orders and refund the funds to the customers.

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