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10 Ways To Effectively Create Fun In The Workplace

People wish a “leadership refresh” in their organizations. Employees want leaders who are pleasant, understand their needs, can genuinely inspire people and know how to energize a workplace culture to generate the best results for the organization. Just because you are a great salesperson doesn’t mean you will be an effective leader.The traditional leader still employs the old-school ways of doing things that make it challenging to engage a workforce that is more different and multigenerational than ever ahead. Today’s short-term, rapid-paced, limited-resource workplace needs more trust amongst employees and their plans, transparency in communication and demands and cross-departmental collaboration to fuel more aspired outcomes, where people feel treasured and respected.

Employees want an awakened, dynamic spirit and an enthusiastic Human resource management to get alive at work. They are tired of tricks and just want people to be genuine about how they feel and honest about what demands to be fulfilled. Employees are stocked up with the office politics and corporate rat-race and are available to start having fun again. They want a work culture and a workplace that is exciting, encourages trial and error and make them feel that they are valuable.

To become an effective leader in the 21st-century workplace, you must implement a culture to make the workplace exciting again and for stress management as well. Along the way, you will earn trust and respect throughout the organization as a courageous leader.

1. Have A Games Area

If you want your organization to stay motivated and refreshed, you should be encouraging them to take regular breaks. Of course, you want them to take their breaks away from their desks, so try to provide a fun and relaxing ‘breakout area’ where people can go for 10 minutes to clear their minds.

Even just a play of pool every few hours is sufficient to put a smile on our faces. Not only does it make us happy but we usually end up chatting about projects over the pool table, giving us a refreshing perspective to take back to our desks.

2. Go Out Together

Have fun with your entire team by going for regular days and nights out. Going out together as a team is a great way to get everyone having fun and forming relationships outside of work that could inspire collaboration back in the office.

As well as being loads of fun, days out can make great team-building exercises, even if you don’t fancy traditional ‘build a raft from drinking straws’ style team building days.

3. Add Fun To Meetings

Bring in fun items such as Nerf balls, basketball, and hoop, or party blowers. Start a meeting with a humorous story or joke.

4. Collect And Share Your Favorite Cartoons And Jokes

Create a Joke Board or a Humor Newsletter. Look for media to disseminate fun and funny things daily.

5. Decorate Your Office!

What’s that, not everybody like white walls, white ceilings, and soulless lighting?
Just because it’s an office, doesn’t mean it has to be an office. When you spend such a vital amount of time in one space, it’s important that it reveals not only the culture of the company but the people who make it run.

6. Let Clients Know You Are A Fun Company

Organize fun customer events, add funny dress for fun, share funny things with customers and give employees tools to create a fun relationship with customers (stickers, candy for children, dog biscuits for dogs, humorous buttons with the company logo). This creates work more fun for employees, and it strengthens the relationship with customers.

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7. Gather Your Co-workers For The “Joy Of Work” Hour

Everyone must communicate about something good at work. Take turns discussing stories about the things that make work a joy. Each person should share ideas on how to make work more fun.

8. Have A Fun Recognition Program

Fun is not a compensation for performance but can be a tendency to encourage employees to perform. For example, you could build “games” out of a rich activity, who can motivate the most patients in a hospital to smile and say something funny to the head nurse. Playful and goal-oriented fun is best.

Respond to fun when it happens –

Funny things happen all the time, but if you are possessed with left-brain analytical thought, you might obtain it hard to stop and respond. Natural, unforced humor is a blessing. Stop and take a moment to provide employees and customers a chance to see the fun in the event.

Commit to being fun, and it will change your approach to work –

Start slowly with a few activities and communicate your desire to create a more relaxed workplace. Don’t expect things to turn around overnight.

Put fun things and actions in the staff room –

This allows people to take their mind off of the seriousness of work for a short period, so they come back to work with a more positive and balanced perspective.

9. Encourage Staff To Leave Work Behind At The End Of The Day

Employees shouldn’t be so overwhelmed with work that it affects their family life and leisure activities. Find fun ideas for employees to “unload” at the end of the day or week. Perform a ritual like writing a “to do” list and posting it on the board. By doing this, you commit to not thinking about the things on the list until the next day.

10. Encourage Employees To Develop Their Style Of Having Fun

Remember that employees generate fun in the workplace, not managers. It’s a manager’s job to organize fun activities (and not get in the way of them).

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