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2013 March
  • prestashop-jewelry-responsive-theme

    PrestaShop Responsive Themes – Module Bazaar

    Post Views: 8,498

    Imagine how it would feel if everything around you flexes and morphs according to you and your whims; light effects and music that mimic your...

  • magento-amex-module

    Magento American Express (AmEx) payment extension

    Post Views: 9,007

    The success of an online store largely depends on the payment gateways integrated with it. A customer who prefers a certain bank/credit/debit card is favourably...

  • magento-facebook-coupon

    Magento Facebook Coupon and Referrel Extension

    Post Views: 8,726

    Social networking is the new ‘mantra’ in everybody’s lips. A commoner reaches out to his friends and his acquaintances through these networks. He likes, shares...