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Magento Facebook Coupon and Referrel Extension

Social networking is the new ‘mantra’ in everybody’s lips. A commoner reaches out to his friends and his acquaintances through these networks. He likes, shares and promotes not only his friends’ pictures but also the brands that he encounters. This referential trend has tremendous potential as far as an online store is concerned.

Magento, one of the most professional eCommerce platforms in the market today has many social media extensions apart from regular ones like the FAQ, News, and Testimonials. These are extensions for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google+ with or without Facebook widgets, Like, Share and Comments on wall.

Magento Facebook Coupon Extension is a perfect marriage between social media & business promotional campaigns. The following are some of the coupons that could be given to customers to lure them into buying your products,

  • Facebook fan/like coupons

  • Facebook referral coupons

A discount coupon would be displayed in the shopping cart page where the customer if he ‘Likes’ or becomes a ‘fan’ of your product, would be awarded a discount via a coupon code. This is done through a Magento Facebook coupon extension or a Facebook fan coupon extension. A Facebook referral extension for Magento could also be built where the customer would click a ‘recommend’ button and avails a discount coupon. Such coupons vastly improve Google ranking for the merchant page and general fan following.

Magento Facebook coupon extensions provide a win-win situation for both the customer and the merchant, like,

For the customer,

  • Discounts just by clicking a ‘Like’ button

  • Option to ‘comment on wall’ to provide customer feedback

  • Get product/merchant page displayed on wall and help friends to get discounts

For the merchant,

  • Increases social media exposure

  • Increases brand awareness

  • Opportunity to gain untapped customer base

  • High flexibility to award coupons based on IP address (One IP address – One coupon)

  • Ability to fix discount %age or flat discount rate

  • Easy installation and configuration

  • User friendly admin interface

  • Ability to change fan page URL, enable/disable ‘Like’ button product wise

Social media is a boon for today’s merchant where just by a ‘click’ a brand is made! An online store riding on this new wave can stand to gain immediate recognition and a fan following worthy of his name!

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    I think you are right, magento facebook coupon extension is beneficial for both i.e. customer and merchant.
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