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Administrate the Customer through Prestashop Order Management

In this fast growing world, customers would like to make orders anywhere and anytime depending on their busy schedule. Most of the customers would hardly find time to sit in front of the computer, adding a list of products to the shopping carts, and then click on checkout by entering the credit card details for completing the shopping process. Not all customers would wish to shop over the internet, there are certain customers who are really interested in picking up the phone and making up an order. In order to make use of these kinds of customers, Prestashop Order Management Module was developed for merchants who make the shopping process quite easier and flexible for their customers. Customers can make a single order or multiple orders as per their requirement. Admin features of this module are easy to customize and update the customer settings. An awesome module for managing and tracking the orders placed by the customers. Admin Panel of this module will list out the entire customer order details for his future reference

Prestashop Admin Order Management Module receives and process customer orders through the phone. This module is designed mainly for online store owners who hold customers who make offline orders. It can be installed on any Prestashop ecommerce 1.4.0 and above. Easy to use and install this module. Admin panel will allow the online store owners to create login credentials for their own customers. Whenever a customer calls the store owner and makes an order, online store owner will login into the shopping site using the customer login credentials on behalf of the customer and create orders in the shopping cart. The Merchant will process the customer order until he receives an offline payment confirmation over the phone. Once the store owner receives the payment from the customer, he processes the customer order for shipment. One of the special features integrated within this module is availing discounts for the orders already ordered by the customer. By affording discounts to the existing orders, which in turn creates discount voucher and send the new invoice receipt to the customer. This discount update is sent to the customer by sending an email notification to the customer.An Admin panel of this module allows the store owners to edit the customer orders. All edited customer orders will be intimated to the respective customers through email.

Prestashop Admin Module customer account will possess the information such as history and details of my orders, my credit slips, my addresses, my personal information, and my vouchers. If you are looking to increase your business, do not hesitate to integrate this module on your shopping cart as it reduces the shopping time of your valuable customers.

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