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Document Sharing Extension in Magento Technology

The online store merchants make up their site with different techniques to attract the customers towards their eCommerce site. Thus why, the eCommerce business industry offers the loads of opportunities for them to improve the site performance based on the requirements of the merchants and their customers. This article will provide the information about the document sharing extension for Magento technology.

Why Magento Technology?

Magento is the leader in the eCommerce shopping cart market. Magento community consist of many developers and the designers. The Magento Developers developed more than 350 features, 24,000 of extensions, plugins, and themes. It is an open source shopping cart which powers more than 200,000 online stores in the eCommerce business world. Most of the merchants believe that Magento is the suitable platform for any type of eCommerce site, because of its good architect, flexibility, and reliability. Magento supports more than 60 payment gateways to provide the best payment services to both the merchants and their customers.

Magento integrates with many shipping carriers to make the shipping process very fast and easy. Many social networking sites integrate with the Magento eCommerce software to improve the site performance. Magento supports multi currencies, multi store functionality, and the PCI compliance. It is translated into more than 60 languages to extend the website services from the national level to the international level. Magento is a boon for the merchant who have more than one shop. Because it allows the merchant to control all the stores information by using the single admin panel. The merchant need not to spend more time and money for this. It will increase the productivity of the store.

Sharing the documents in Magento website

A Magento extension which gives more benefits for both the merchants and the customers is, the “Document Sharing Extension”. The document sharing is a rich feature in the Magento technology. It allows the Magento based eCommerce store merchant to share the documents with their customers. It is an easy way for the merchants advertise their site products. The merchant can upload the documents as images with JPG, PNG, GIF extensions and PDF as well. By this the merchant can easily share all the information about the new product, events, services, website, newsletters (Flyers), etc.

This extension allows the customers to download the documents or the flyers easily. So that the Magento website customers will come to know more about the information which are related to the website. It offers the thumbnail gallery of the documents for download to the visitors or the customers. If a visitor or a registered user wish to know more about that particular flyer information, then he can click on the thumbnail of the available flyer to view it in a zoomed in size. By sharing the website details you can easily retain the confidence of the customers.


The Magento Extensions are designed with the excellent features in order to help the merchants to attract many numbers of customers. Sharing the documents will grab the attention of all the visitors towards the Magento site (merchant site).

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