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Drive revenue with eCommerce Mobile App – EMC

Generally, Mobile devices are increasingly become one of the most common ways to access the ever wide web. With more and more smartphones adopts into our daily life, eCommerce mobile app plays an important role. As it amazingly creates new vivacious opportunities to increase revenue, site traffic and customers engagements anywhere, anytime. It has holistically given rise to a whole new direct marketing channel that if leveraged in the right way, can reap tremendous benefits and returns.

In today’s world, a paradigm shift is being witnessed in every sense – the transition from desktops to mobiles, the search engines recognizing mobile friendly websites, the steep rise in mobile apps adoption etc. It is all tuned towards your handy mobile device that you carry with you every day. It’s all about mobile phones and smart phones today. Your customers are most likely hooked on to it like everyone else, and that’s a huge market to tap. A whole new way to reach out to a wide audience.

eCommerce Mobile App – EMC

The success of any business lies in its revenue, if your revenue grows in folds then you are very well going up the right path. Especially, if you have adopted mobile marketing strategies into your overall blueprint, the climb is only going to get higher. However, if you are new to it or looking for ways to enhance it further, give a thought to this incredibly functional eCommerce app builder – Elite mCommerce (EMC). It smartly transforms your existing site into an exclusive mobile app that you can proudly sport. The theme and feel of the site absolutely replicates into mobile app. Over and beyond just converting your site into a mobile app, it comes with a host of features leverages to enhance your mobile app.

Key Features

The key features of the mobile app builder software include push notifications, Google analytics integration, convenient sync feature, customizable themes, store integration, multiple payment options, social media integration, store locator etc. Further, the mobile app builder now comes instated with multi-currencies and multi-lingual functionalities. With this incredible feature, business owners can run their online businesses beyond geographical barriers and also can reach out globally.

Your revenue is directly proportional to the purchase behavior of your customers. Hence, customer engagement becomes immensely critical for sales conversions and subsequent boost to revenues. With a mobile app, customer engagement becomes as close as it can get. You can directly reach them on their personal mobile devices through push notifications. That is post new information, alert about new arrivals and discount sales, constant reinforcement of your brand and so forth.


Above all, just with your app, you are in sight and that’s a constant reminder and reinforcement of your brand. They say out of sight, out of mind – and businesses spend so much on advertising to help their brand be in sight. A mobile app simply takes care of this by just being a logo on your customer’s phone. A mobile app holds, it’s about time to give serious thought to this eCommerce mobile app builder – Elite mCommerce.

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