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Facebook to Soon Launch Email Marketing for Business Pages

Currently, more than 160 million businesses have an active account on Facebook. There is no denying that Facebook is one of the most integral components of digital marketing. What makes it even more popular is the fact that Facebook has billions of active users. This large platform allows brands to reach out to their target audience with quality content. Facebook keeps launching new and exciting marketing features that work wonders for all sizes and types of businesses. Be it the Facebook shop or the current email marketing tools, Facebook has given the marketers plenty of options to promote their content. With the current announcement of launching an email marketing tool, Facebook has become the all-in-one social media marketing platform. 

Facebook has announced to launch some advanced marketing tools that are designed specifically for advertisers and businesses. These tools will allow you to send marketing emails to your customers via Facebook. The tools will be launched once they are tested. Basically, these tools will make it easier for businesses to create marketing emails conveniently. Not only will these tools enable businesses to compose an email, but you can track the performance of these emails once they are forwarded. 

Email Marketing Within Facebook

The Facebook team mentioned in a recent interview that they are planning to test several marketing tools for small and medium businesses out there. The current goal of this social networking site is to help businesses send regular notifications to their customers via email. Email marketing through Facebook can be a great option for businesses that want to notify the customers about the latest updates in the business. Before launching it on Facebook, the company is deciding how marketing tools will help small businesses. 

Some businesses that already have a robust marketing strategy in place may not find these email marketing tools effective enough. Basically, Facebook is launching it as a social media marketing tool for small businesses that are new to email marketing. It is important to note that businesses will need to build their contact list and get people to sign up for email messages. This marketing feature allows businesses to set up their email contact list and forward marketing emails to those who subscribe to this new feature. It does not involve people who view and like your posts. After all, liking a post or granting permission to receive emails are two different things.

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Send Customized Emails to Your Prospects

However, Facebook has not yet declared how much control will businesses have over customizing the emails. Overall, you will be able to send personalized mail with a customized header, body, and title. If the email feature is launched on the Facebook business pages, there is a good chance people will start to consider Facebook as an all-inclusive marketing platform. This new feature will also give businesses direct access to their customers’ inboxes. However, the developers are concerned about the impact of email marketing on customers’ privacy and personal data. 

Of course, the team will address the issues and look into all the matters that hinder the user’s privacy before launching it. Until now, businesses had to drive traffic to their landing pages and websites to get people to subscribe to the email newsletters. It is a great way to build your audience and grow your following base.

Final Words

Facebook has not announced the date it will launch the email marketing feature. It is currently being tested for small and medium scale businesses. There is a good chance the email marketing function can boost your productivity and increase conversions.


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