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GCoupon VirtueMart Component

GCoupon VirtueMart Component

eGrove Systems launches the new GCoupon VirtueMart Component which will be of great use for Joomla VirtueMart based store owners to promote their products through affiliate marketing with the help of modern and up-to-date coupon code system. Among the various online marketing strategies, affiliate marketing is the most successful and the most efficient strategy which can result in generation of more leads and more customers for the business. GCoupon can be integrated with your existing Joomla platform to enhance the Virtue Mart ecommerce platform by introducing coupon systems which can be helpful for your affiliates to market your products widely.

Many business owners use coupon codes to encourage buyers to try their products and services, but webmasters find it difficult to incorporate global codes that should override existing discount settings. Now, this coupon code management extension, provided in the form of GCoupon can be easily incorporated in an ecommerce platform running on Virtue Mart. Depending on your business and depending on the way your affiliates market your product, you can easily distribute coupon codes and allow your customers to use the coupon codes to get desired discounts.


GCoupon VirtueMart

Benefits of GCoupon Virtue Mart Coupon Code System

The GCoupon component comes with easy installation and integration options. With this component, you can distribute any number of coupons to all your customers through affiliates and help them avail their discounts more easily. Offering rewards is the best way to enhance sales and the GCoupon system greatly helps you to reward your loyal customers and increase sales.

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The following benefits are offered by GCoupon Virtue Mart Component:

* Simple affiliate management system comes with admin features, enabling admin members to add, edit, delete or modify affiliate accounts and data.

* Store owners can easily edit the settings of discounts and coupons at any time. Existing global discount values and settings can be easily overridden by this GCoupon component.

* Redemption and validation of coupons can be incorporated easily and the coupons can be applied for the entire store or for specific products depending on how you want to promote your online store.

* Virtue Mart owners can use GCoupon in email marketing campaigns to get more affiliates and the coupons can also be used by affiliates to promote your products.

* Reports can be easily generated by GCoupon Virtue Mart component so that you can monitor the performance of affiliates and coupons readily.

* Single click affiliate payment can be easily setup through the GCoupon component and configurations for payment date and automatic payments can be setup by administrators.

GCoupon Joomla Component developed by eGrove Systems is different from other coupon systems available in the market. The plug-in is easy to install and use and it can be easily incorporated with any ecommerce website. The GCoupon component will not make any change to the existing template of your online store and wherever necessary, the coupons can be applied instantly. Your affiliates will also be rewarded with automatic payments and proper reporting of affiliate performance. By making your online store easily manageable for affiliates and customers, you can increase sales and popularize your online store.

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