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PayPal services for your Online eCommerce Store

With the advent and evolution of the digital era, small, medium and large scale business and commercial transactions have increasingly moved online. Although the ease of usage on behalf of customers have increased manifold, there is a trust quotient involved in all the online transactions. This is instrumental in driving online sales for any eCommerce marketplace. On analyzing the online trends of customers, is shows as customers tend to churn out just at the payment gateway process. That is somewhere they are septic of the trustworthiness of the online payment process. This is where the PayPal services come into play. Through its expertise and utmost focus on security of online transactions, PayPal has been able to gain the trust of customers from across the globe, which has led to many online firms strategist PayPal payment integration with their eCommerce website.

Simplicity and robustness – that’s what differentiate PayPal Services

PayPal is one of the payment gateways across the globe. With more than a decade experience in this field, they are able to carry out secure transactions for customers.

Moreover, the ease of operations is one of the key differentiating factors for customers availing and preferring PayPal services. Customers just need to enter their registered mail and password to complete the entire checkout processes. They can opt to save their card information on the system as well for convenience. This information is encrypted using sophisticated algorithms and is then saved, on order to ensure utmost security.

The eCommerce PayPal Payment Solutions include various state of art services such as web payments (including overseas payments), mobile payments (via PayPal mobile), online invoicing as well as enhance their businesses on eBay.

Integrate your eCommerce store with PayPal – Helps in Customer Relationship Management

The PayPal Payment Integration with any eCommerce site has been enhanced by the employment of easy to deploy application programming interfaces (APIs) using which, online eCommerce players can easily track the movements of customers from their own website to the payment gateway, and fetch the payment information back to their database systems.

The integration collects information such as the shipping addresses, the order details as well. The payment status and details pushes back to the eCommerce systems from PayPal. This information use to enhance their CRM like customizing or scheduling emails, SMS and other engagement activities.

With a wide variety of payment options which includes credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, COD and more. Has option to provide any discount code or coupon to all customers or to a specified set of customers.

In addition to that, PayPal also provides certain credit points which accumulates on each payment transaction. Customers can redeem these points in future in terms of discounts on different products.

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