Magento Reward Points Extension to improve your customer engagement

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Reward Points & Loyalty Program

The concept of offering rewards points by physical store has undergone vast change and now online merchants can easily offer rewards point to their regular customers through the Magento Reward point extension that is integrated with your Magento store. With the introduction of loyalty program online, the ecommerce merchants are able to send a loyalty card or a voucher to their customers when they sign up for a rewards points program. Customers who are interested in signing up for the rewards points programs are needed to just enter relevant information in the merchant’s e-commerce site. Whenever, a customer joins a rewards program, then he will receive a special code and he will have instant access to the loyalty card through scanning the code.

Members of the loyalty rewards program automatically begin to receive vouchers on special occasions such as a birthday or receive welcome vouchers that facilitate customers to redeem them for merchandise or use for getting discounts later on. Yet another specialty of loyalty program is that those who use the loyalty vouchers will be encouraged to share it with their family or friends and this will further help the merchants to promote their business to more people and help enhance their sales.

Magento Extensions

In the process of helping the online merchants to entice more customers to their site, a number of extensions have been designed and developed by the Magento community that can be easily integrated by merchants to their Magento e-commerce store, in order to augment the capability of their ecommerce store. Magento Reward point extension and loyalty program extension facilitate the e-commerce merchants to customize their online store in such a way to augment the functionality of their store for a smooth business process.

If you are on the lookout for an extension to create loyalty program and reward points system to offer reward points to customers on their purchases, then these Magento extensions are the ideal option for you that can be easily integrated to your Magento store with simple configuration. In addition, these extensions facilitate you to enhance your sales turn over, make sure customer retention and entice new customers through these reward and loyalty program extensions.


Thus, the Magento reward points extension and Magento loyalty program extension are an efficient way to enlarge your customer base. The advent of a digital rewards program has revolutionized the way the e-commerce merchants conduct their online business process. In today’s online purchasing life style, it is very essential for online store merchants across the globe to offer loyalty programs and reward points to bring more and more clients to their online store and get prosperity in their business venture.