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Important Python Frameworks – a run-through!

How do you make a website with Python?

As a dynamic, general purpose and object-oriented programming language, Python is used widely by developers across the world for building a variety of software applications. Unlike other modern programming languages, Python enables programmers to express a concept with less and readable code. The users also have an option to integrate Python with other popular programming languages and tools seamlessly. But it cannot be used directly for writing different types of software.

Is Python better for web development?

Often Python developers have to use a variety of frameworks and tools to build high-quality software applications within a smaller amount of time. The resources provided by the Python frameworks help users to reduce the time and effort required for modern applications. They also have an option to choose from a number of frameworks according to the nature and requirements of individual projects. However, it is also important for the programmers to know some of the Python frameworks that will remain popular in the longer run.

Which framework is good for Python web development?

Below Are Some Python Frameworks that will Remain Popular

1) Kivy

As an open source Python library, Kivy makes it easier for programmers to build multi-touch user interfaces. It supports some popular platforms including Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android. So the cross-platform framework enables users to create the app for multiple platforms using the same code base. It is also designed with features to take advantage of the native inputs, protocols, and devices. Kivy further includes a fast graphic engine, while allowing users to choose from more than 20 extensible widgets.

2) Qt

The open source Python framework is written in C++. Qt enables developers to build connected applications and UIs that run on multiple operating systems and devices. The developers can further create cross-platform applications and UIs without making any changes to the code. Qt further scores over other frameworks due to its comprehensive library of APIs and tools. The programmers have the option to use Qt either under the community license or the commercial license.

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3) PyGUI

PyGUI is considered to be simpler than other Python frameworks. But it enables developers to create GUI API by taking advantage of the language features of Python. PyGUI currently supports Windows, OS X and Linux. So the developers can use it for creating lightweight GUI APIs that can be implemented on these three platforms. They can further document the API comprehensively without referring to the documentation of any third-party GUI library.

4) Django

Django is the most popular high-level web application development framework for Python. Despite being open source, Django provides a simple and rapid development environment for building a variety of websites and web applications rapidly. It further helps programmers to create a web application without writing lengthy code. It further comes with features to prevent some of the common security mistakes made by the developers.

Python developers for Python web development

On the whole, the Python developers have the option to choose from many frameworks. Some of these frameworks effectuate development of GUI desktop applications, whereas others help programmers in Python web development to build modern websites and web application rapidly. At the same time, the developers also have the option to use certain frameworks to write mobile apps in Python.

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