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Hide Product Price

Convert site visitors to registered users with the Hide Product Price extension

Hide and seek has been the most favorite children’s game for a very long time. The player whose eyes are blindfolded should try to reach or touch the other players. This same concept is followed in the Hide product price extension. This Magento extension does not allow anonymous visitors to view the price of the products.

Customers are obsessed with purchasing items at the lowest cost. They mostly compare the products from various sites. The eCommerce stores have many software integrated to make the site more functional and beneficial. Magento is one such eCommerce software that plays a vital role in enhancing the website and keeping it a step ahead of the competitors.

About Magento  

Magento is one of the most popular and powerful eCommerce platform widely used to create attractive eCommerce websites. With Magento integrated in the online store, merchants can offer an excellent shopping experience to their customers. It is a feature rich eCommerce platform which provides a flexible admin panel for the website owner to control his own website look, content, and functionality.

Many Magento extensions integrates into the Magento online store, enabling merchants to offer an excellent shopping experience to the customers. Many new extensions releases in Magento and enables you to boost up your e-store. There are many companies that readily offer Magento Development Services to improve the performance of your sites.

Hide Product Price extension

The Magento Hide Product Price extension that allows the merchant to hide the price of the products for non-registered users. So, the non-registered users cannot view the prices of the items displayed and have to register to get to know the price of the products.

Features of this extension

  • Merchants have the liberty to enable or disable this feature as desired
  • Allows admin to make restriction based on the category ID
  • Can choose limited users by customer groups to view the products and also make purchases
  • The pricing is hidden for all non-registered users, thus anybody who doesn’t register are not allowed to view the price details
  • Easy to install and use immediately

However, This module is highly beneficial for online store owners, as it locks the add to cart option and also wish list. Only if the user signs up in the site can view the prices and add items for purchase.

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Wrap Up:

Hence, visitors who make purchases will register and login to know the cost details. Therefore, to increase conversions this extension is very helpful.

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