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Magento Reward Points Extension – A Focused Way of Driving Customer Engagement

Magento Reward elevation to success as an eCommerce mobile platform is mainly due to its highly scalable and flexible features. Apart from the built-in rich features, this eCommerce platform is compatible with diverse third party extensions that can be added to enhance the functioning of your online business venture. There are some Magento extensions that are widely put to use such as Revenue driver modules, Customer Experience Enhancers, Layout Enhancers, Admin tools, etc. that are highly advanced and can be easily installed in your admin site.

These modules are helpful for you to track orders, review discarded carts, delete orders, and send an email to follow up your customers, etc. Also, these extensions are preconfigured, and rules set for all functions related to your site.

The advantages of Magento eCommerce are multifold which, includes customization, extensibility, speed, multi-site functionality, user-friendliness, scalability, performance, tracking ease and cross-selling features. All these characteristics and functionalities help online merchants to make their websites available, automatic and conversion-focussed.

While analyzing the different approaches essential for attracting fresh customers and retaining existing customers, there are diverse significant criterions, and one of most profitable among them is Magento Module Integration. Adhering the same, here are remarkable of the extensions which, greatly help in promoting your eCommerce business.

Magento Reward Points

Reward points are a revenue-driven extension and assist as a loyalty program that benefits in expanding the target audience. Apart from market augmentation, it also helps in understanding the different customer requirements thereby, retaining them easily.

A module that contributes immaculate admin site experience is the Magento Rewards points & loyalty program extension that enable you to practically customize your online store to add any features that you desire to have. If you are looking for a feature to add such as a timer for your latest discount offer, would like to create reward points system for every purchase that your customers make, and then this Magento extension is the ideal option that you can install and use instantly with a simple configuration.

The Magento Reward Points & Loyalty Program module helps you to focus on customer needs efficiently. Also, this extension enables you to augment your sales turn over, ensures customer retention, apart from to absorb new customers through offering them with reward and loyalty program. Both the customers and site admin are equally benefited with this Magento extension. Further, the site admin offers points to the customer through encouraging them to invite their friends, take part in polls, tag products, post reviews on purchased products and also varied other social media activities.

Benefit for Customers:

The customer can earn reward points for the following user activity.

  • Referring a friend
  •  Referral’s acquisition
  •  Registration on website
  •  Signing up for Newsletter
  •  Posting a Merchandise Review
  •  Competing on Poll
  •  Customer Birthday purchase
  •  Tagging outcomes
  •  Social media ventures

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Benefit for Store Owner:

  • Attract customer to contribute more and also earn extra Reward Points
  • View advanced pictorial illustration of the reports
  • Control and manage the supreme reward points for a day
  • Display reward points on specific product, category and listing page
  • Create rules for user purchase actions


Thus, a Magento Reward points program focus to drive customers and engage through rewarding loyalty. This Magento loyalty & Rewards points is designed to hold back old customers by engaging with them. Thus, if you are looking for a cost effective extension then look no further; access Magento loyalty program extension that can offer you all the basic features you expect to set up a rewards and loyalty program and is priced to suit the store owners.


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