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PrestaShop v1.5

Newer . . Better . . PrestaShop 1 .5 What has it got to offer?

The rules of the game have changed! September rocked with the announcement of the latest version of PrestaShop 1.5 available for download.

Well, for a successful merchant using an earlier version of PrestaShop, what has this new version got?

Multi-store management – One back office many front offices!

Yes! That’s possible with this latest version. This new version has options for multiple currencies, multiple languages and multiple domains. With this innovative feature multi store management is now complete and efficient.

Cart-pricing rules – Great tool to increase sales!

PrestaShop v1.5 allows the merchant to manage the cart’s pricing rules easily through an ergonomic interface. Additionally, merchants can also provide discounts on select or all items in a customers’ cart. This thoughtful feature provides an efficient way to market promotional offers upon checkout.

New modules API – All modules updated automatically!

For new APIs, the structure has been revised to help effectively manage update of all modules. The new APIs have been designed to check for new updates automatically to ensure each module installed into your Back Office is updated.

Redesigned Back Office – Simple and easy to use Back Office

The Back Office has got a real make over. It’s more ergonomic and the graphical layout is visually more stunning and user friendly. Any customization, if needed can be done without much hassle.

Editing commands in Back Office – No more a pain!

For those of you who are bit allergic to editing commands in the back office, this is real good news. Editing has been optimized and it’s much easier.  Youwill now be able to modify customers’ shopping carts as well as products already ordered.

You will also be able to place orders from the back office, to help customers make purchases on your site, when they contact you on phone.

Improved Front Office Design and Functionality – Great Looks; better usability!

Wow! Great thought seems to have gone into the UI design. There seems to be a remarkable improvement in usability and appeal, including the order and checkout processes.  Merchants can now offer comprehensive product descriptions on a homepage.

Improved After-Sales Service – Centralized management of customer messages.                                           

No matter how many stores you manage, this one feature allows centralized management of your customer’s messages from multiple sources. This new feature allows you to sync all of your email accounts so you can view and send messages directly from your Back Office.

Improved inventory management

It’s never been better! PrestaShop now includes an inventory management tool allowing you to distinguishyour physical stock from available quantities. You will now be able to manage your inventory in various warehouses, generate supply orders and view your stock through clean, clear and specific interfaces. To top it, for flexibility in managing customer orders, partial deliveries are possible now.

Better management of downloadable products                

With PrestaShop 1.5, selling downloadable products (photos, music, video,software, etc…) has become a lot easier. A merchant can now manage product variations and create packages of multiple downloadable products. The file upload process has also improved remarkably.

Additionally, multiple delivery addresses are now available.

Apart from the features mentioned above, several new partner modules have also been added as native features inside PrestaShop v1.5?s source code.

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