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Paypal Checkout process for ease Opencart eCommerce

In the eCommerce business industry, payment gateway helps the merchants to process the payment transaction with safe and secure. More than thousands of payment gateways are used to provide payment services to the worldwide merchants. Many merchants believe that PayPal Checkout provides the best payment transaction experience to both the merchants and the customers. PayPal Gateway provides different options to process the payment in the online store. The merchant can choose the payment method which is best suited for his business. It process the payment through credit card, check and bank wire. PayPal payment gateway is an international payment gateway service provider which is designed to meet all the requirements of the customers and the merchants. It accepts all major credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Switch / Maestro, etc.

PayPal integrates with many eCommerce software such as PrestaShop, Magento, Opencart, WordPress, etc. PayPal integrates with Opencart eCommerce software to provide the seamless checkout experience to the customers. 80% of online customers’ doesn’t like to redirect to the other site during the payment process. Some payment gateways redirect the customers to process the payment in the payment gateway site. But the PayPal payment gateway allows the customers to process their payment on the merchant site itself. This Opencart PayPal Extension accept the credit card payments and process through the PayPal payment gateway integration. Opencart helps the merchant to create their own online store with minimum cost. It is very easy to use and a search engine friendly eCommerce solution with more rich in feature. The large number of plugins in Opencart helps to meet the requirement of all the customers. Opencart supports multi languages, multi currencies, payment gateways, etc.

PayPal is a leading payment network available in many countries on the globe. It provides the fast and secure payment process to the customers. It accepts the payments through credit cards and it process the payment on the merchant site with safe and secure. It will not redirect the customers to the other site or the payment gateway site. That means the customer can stay on the merchant site for completing the full payment process. So that the customers can feel the seamless checkout experience during the payment process. It provides other various benefits like online support for 24 hours a day, powerful reporting tools, etc. It is very easy to install and use. The main advantage of using PayPal payment in your Opencart eCommerce store is, it supports refund features. This feature attracts more customers towards your site and it increases the confidence about your site among the customers.

The merchant of an Opencart eCommerce website can use the PayPal payment gateway service for free of cost for limited transactions. After that PayPal charges $5/month for providing the transaction services. So it is easy for the merchant to use the PayPal payment service on his eCommerce site. By using this extension on your eCommerce store you can provide the best checkout experience to your customers and you can increase the sales volume.

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