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The Podcast & Marketing Fusion

A podcast is probably not the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about digital marketing. But, this online marketing technique is still considered an effective way to grow your business in a crowded marketplace. Podcasts are the audible versions of a blog. Even though they are not new to the online marketing world, podcasts have been gaining immense popularity lately. The popularity of podcasts has witnessed a major growth by 75% in the past 5-7 years. Do you know every 1 in 5 people in America listens to podcasts regularly? 

Communication is an integral part of marketing. If you want your audience to visit your eCommerce store and shop from your website, you are going to need to ensure seamless communication. Unlike blogs, podcasts are extremely convenient. Whether you are jogging or driving, you can listen to your favourite podcasts anytime and anywhere you want. 

Should You Conduct Podcasts for Marketing?

The best part is that you only need a smartphone to be able to listen to podcasts. Download it in a matter of minutes and listen to your favourite podcasts on the go. Considering the current competition, it has become quite imperative for brands to reach out to their target audience through effective and accessible content. Just writing blogs or uploading video content on your website will not suffice. If you want to boost customer engagement rate, then there isn’t a better way to connect with your audience than podcasts.

According to the research, many people prefer auditory learning. Instead of reading the lengthy blog posts, they like to listen to podcasts. If you are just starting your online business, then podcasts will be the easiest and cost-effective marketing tool for your brand. Think about it – you only need to invest in a quality mic. That’s it! In this post, we are going to discuss the fusion of podcasts and marketing. Let’s see how podcasts can be your ultimate marketing tool.

Discuss the Latest and Interesting Topics

Podcasts are like blogs. Just like how you would share blog posts on some of the hot and trending topics, podcasts are used to discuss the controversial and interesting topics that could keep your audience engaged. It doesn’t have to be promotional. In fact, you should try to cover the generic topics so that you connect with a larger audience. Just like blogs, you are supposed to select a niche for the podcasts. 

Remember that a good portion of your audience loves to listen to podcasts. As much as blog posts sound convenient, they can consume a significant amount of time. So, instead of reading those lengthy posts, people prefer audible or visual content. 

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Make you Appear as a Thought Leader

A 15-30 minute podcast is all you need to attract your target audience. If you want to generate qualified leads, then you will have to invest your time in conducting high-quality podcasts. Talk about the topics you are familiar with. Podcasts that share valuable information or solve the most common issues become popular overnight. There is a good chance your audience will consider you as an authority figure in your niche if you manage to resolve their issues through podcasts. 

Transform Podcasts into Blogs

If you are concerned about your search engine ranking, know that podcasts can be converted into blog posts. You can turn your famous podcasts into blog posts to drive more people to your website. It is a great way to increase your search ranking. You do not even have to write lengthy blog posts. Use transcription to convert podcasts into blogs.

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