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Push notification beats Email marketing strategies at ROI

One of the easiest methods for doing so is by sending customers regular updates about the latest offers being given by your company. This will help your loyal customer base remain associated with your firm. If you are thinking of Return on Investment or ROI on your marketing strategy, push notifications are better than email marketing. Some of the reasons why push notification is a better marketing strategy than email marketing are as follows: 

Reach out to a broader customer base

With email marketing, you will first have to identify the customers you want to send the emails. When you consider push notification, you will find that you can reach out to a broader customer. Push notifications are usually in the form of pop-up advertisements that appear on the mobile device.

It is similar to the ads that appear when clients browse through a website. Since it does not identify a particular customer base but reaches out to all clients browsing through a specific application, you can be assured that the ROI on the particular marketing strategy will be better. With the help of push notification, you can even attract customers who were initially not your targeted client base.

Attractive to customers

A push notification is a small snippet and not an extended reading material like an email. This means customers do not have to spend a long time reading through the report. They will only have to read a small sentence, and they will be intrigued. They will want to learn more, and you will be able to attract your customers better.

With the help of push notifications, customers often switch between mobile applications, check out other advertisements and products, which proves beneficial for the application and the advertiser. A simple snippet often demonstrates to be more attractive than a long worded email, in which a customer has to spend a long time reading and responding. 

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Can be customized with ease

A push notification developed for a particular eCommerce mobile app can be easily customized for another. So if you are thinking of ROI, you will not have to worry about creating separate notifications for different apps. Whereas, if you are thinking of email marketing, you will have to change the email content based on the customer base you are addressing. You cannot develop a single email for all customer bases. Email marketing is specific and customer-oriented.

But with push notifications, you do not have to worry about changing the content regularly, and hence, the investment in developing the marketing strategy and content is minimized. Therefore the ROI, too, can be achieved with ease and quickly. You will not have to worry about keeping on investing in a particular marketing strategy if you opt for push notification. You will have to develop it once, and you can use it multiple times.

Thus, both are excellent marketing strategies, but push notifications are better because it requires less investment. Additionally, you can realize your investment faster than email marketing. The only thing you need to be careful about push notifications is that it should not appear very frequently.

because customers can opt-out of receiving the notifications. If customers opt-out of the push notifications, then it will prove to be counterproductive as you will lose out of a prospective customer base. Therefore you should be a little strategic while deploying this particular marketing strategy. You should select the mobile applications where you want the notifications to appear and use them only there.

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