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Artificial Intelligence is Real and Happening Now

There is so much talk around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning lately. We have seen how AI-based tools are evolving the way businesses operate their day-to-day activities. But, Is Artificial Intelligence real? Is it making our lives better? What sectors are AI expected to influence? How much time until AI technology builds completely? How can normal people adapt to this technology?

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

First things first, what is AI? Artificial Intelligence is the power of machines to execute human-based jobs efficiently. The jobs, which earlier seemed impossible for a machine to perform, are now accomplished by bots and software. Planning, problem-solving, communication, perception, data extraction, learning, reasoning, and manipulation are some of the human tasks that a machine is now able to perform.

For those who don’t belong to an IT or business industry, AI may sound a complex concept. However, this change has already started influencing our lives. The combination of AI and IoT (Internet of Things) has helped us to experience a smart household. 

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Today, you can use Alexa to perform basic household tasks such as turning the music on or dimming the lights. How do you think has it all become possible? Well, AI plays a crucial role in revolutionizing the world. In fact, experts say that Artificial Intelligence will rule the world in the coming years. The question is “Should you fear this change or adapt to it”?

Which Areas Do The Artificial Intelligence Cover?

The technology has reached a point where everything you see is somehow affected by AI. This fast-growing technology has covered almost every field. Sure, adapting to this technology may seem a bit difficult but you don’t need to fear this change. In fact, AI is going to grow and improve the user’s experience. 

The smart devices are now capable of extracting data and providing a personalized research and shopping experience to the users. As mentioned before, AI can influence almost every industry. There is extensive use of Artificial Intelligence in the medical industry, agriculture, architecture, web development, and more. 

The Role of AI in Web Development

While AI is impacting many industries, its major use is seen in the web development sector. Today, the expectations of customers have increased with the growing competition. People are on the lookout for brands and websites that offer a personalized shopping experience. Artificial Intelligence allows smart computers and smartphones to analyze the customer’s buying behavior and use this information to provide the end-users with the most relevant recommendation. 

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Haven’t you seen how push notifications that pop on your mobile screen encourage you to return to a website and take action? Studies suggest that users follow the push notifications and get back to the app to complete their purchase or shop for some other interesting products. This is because the offers you receive through such notifications are based on your preference. The technology behind this data extraction and personalization is Artificial Intelligence. 

Today, developers have started using Python-based frameworks for web development to speed up the application development process and develop smarter applications. They use chatbots, voice search, image recognition, and other AI-based solutions to improve the overall functionality of their website.AI simplifies and improves communication between website visitors and brands. By implementing chatbots, you can also guide the customers throughout the shopping process efficiently. This way, AI increases the conversion rates and guarantees a better customer engagement approach.

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