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Why Is SAP Hybris The Preeminent Digital Commerce Platform?

SAP Hybris allows businesses to transform how they reserve with customers, innovate how they do business, and explain their technology landscape. Generally, Hybris comes with tools to design your website utilizing pages and components, a product information administration tool, a customer service tool, back office administration tools, enterprise search tooling, marketing related functionality, and more. SAP Hybris proves why it is the preeminent platform for digital commerce. Lets see how?

Also, the SAP Hybris platform comprises the Hybris Commerce Accelerators that are handy to use web framework that abandons a feature-rich Omni-channel commerce solution. The Hybris Commerce Accelerator enhances the customer experience while clarifying IT management. It allows companies to quickly implement best methods in the website design, search and navigation, checkout, content management, shopping, and merchandising.

The Hybris Commerce Accelerator is simple to use Web framework that enables development teams to ramp up fast while deploying the solution on an excellent practice, step-by-step basis.

Every Hybris Applications like B2C Commerce Application, B2B Commerce Application or Telco Application are remitted with the Hybris Commerce Accelerator.

Advantages of Hybris Commerce Accelerator

Perform Faster:

  • A fully working, thoroughly tested, best practice storefront.
  • Fully working, fully tested, safest practice storefronts for the desktop and mobile experience.
  • Structured, standardized platform.
  • Based on the best-practice development.
  • Source code delivered to enable easy customization.
  • Clear documentation, sample data, how-to samples, best-practice guidelines simplify implementation and also maintenance.

Sell More:

  • Feature-rich and ready-to-use storefront.
  • Feature-rich and ready-to-use Omni-channel storefronts.
  • Best-practice ordering, marketing, and also merchandizing capabilities.
  • Fully integrated order management, web along with the call center functionality.
  • Extended B2B-specific functionality.

Grow More:

  • Multichannel foundation.
  • Multichannel platform out-of-the-box.
  • Easy to customize and also extend.
  • Rapid entry into markets.

SAP Hybris has been positioned by Gartner Inc. in the leaders’ quadrant of the April 2017 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.

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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce in 2017

According to this report, digital commerce platform vendors present solutions which help in forming and strengthening relationships with your omnichannel customers into digital platforms. Engage with your customers across various channels such as retail, wholesale, mobile, call centers, indirect/direct sales, or online shopping channels. Digital commerce solutions also support enterprises build B2B, B2C, and B2B2C client relationships.

These solutions assist businesses to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduced costs aloft;
  • Generate incremental revenue; and
  • Allow transformational business transformation.

The Strategy Officer of SAP Hybris, Brian Walker,  declared, “Today’s digital commerce panorama has, of course, fundamentally changed the approach consumers and business people alike shop and interacted with the companies they do marketing with online and over channels.”

To conclude, Acknowledged by the Magic Quadrant Report of Gartner in the realm of Digital Commerce, SAP Hybris proves why it is the preeminent platform for digital commerce in the modern era. It also endorses the mission of SAP Hybris to support both B2C and B2B companies to present exemplary shopping experiences to online customers.

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