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Magento Facebook Extension

Share your products in Social media through Magento Facebook Extension

Magento Facebook Extension is a one of the best eCommerce solution which offers flexibility, scalability, and other rich features for the development of online businesses. Hence, more than 200,000 online store merchants put their trust in this solution. It is powering many websites by providing the complete professional look. It allows the merchant to add and edit of the products or services based on their business needs without having any technical expertise. It has a powerful technical growing community consist of many developers and designers. They developed many extensions, themes, and modules to fulfil the requirements of the users. Each Magento Extensions is designed with excellent features and stunning functionalities.

Magento also supports all major languages and currencies around the globe. It offers the extensions which are easy to install and configure. It has more than 23,000 of extensions, the merchant can choose the extension that is suitable for his business. The extensions and plugins are automatically updated reducing the stress of the store owners. The developers created these extensions based on different categories. Magento is integrated with the payment gateways to provide the best payment services to the customers. It is integrated with many shipping carriers to offer the best shipping process in the eCommerce store. It is easily integrated with the social networking sites to increase the visibility of the website.

Social Media

Social Media connects individuals, organizations and communities at a rate and on a scale never before achieved. There are plenty of social media sites are using by the people in the globe such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yahoo, Instagram, Google +, MySpace, Sharethis, Reddit, Digg, Technoratti, Newsvine, and many more sites.

Magento Facebook Extension

The dedicated developers’ developed the Facebook Extension Pack to promote the products with a single click. Millions of US consumers visit the social media sites to do research about the products before they buy it from the online shop. It is the best way to reach millions of people without wasting your time and money. It helps you to increase market share and reach consumers you may not ordinarily. It will drive traffic to your business, provide you with happy, repeat customers, and keep the customers you have.

Facebook is the largest social media site with more than 600 million active members and 250000 new daily registrants. Over 20 million people become fans of Facebook pages each day. It holds the first position on the list of most popular social media sites in the globe. Hence the developers created this Facebook extension to attract all the Facebook users towards your Magento eCommerce store by sharing all the product details on the Facebook. It is not an easy task to reach millions of people with your product information. But when you use this extension, you can easily reach the social users.

This extension allows the users to login on your website by using their Facebook login details. It allows them to access your site. They can send the product details by using the send widget and that product will be posted in his/her friend’s profile. This extension plays an important role in the Magento Development. It allows you to share your product information to millions of Facebook Users through Like and Send options. This is an easy and quick way for you to promote the product information to the social media users.

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