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The Birthday Month Marketing Campaign For Retails Sales Boost

If you are a retailer, the chances are that you might have already heard about the birthday month marketing campaign. As a marketing strategy, it is not something new. It can drive huge repeat sales each month if you know to utilize it properly. 

Birthday month marketing strategy is currently a popular trend. It is a deliberate effort to connect with your customers on their birthdays. It makes your customers feel special and encourages them to do business with you again. However, despite its many pros, some retailers refrain from utilising the birthday month marketing tactic. One of the foremost reasons for this is it’s time consumption. Let’s face it, sending each one of the customers a birthday wish takes considerable time. But it’s worth it. 

Now let us discuss how to execute this tactic conveniently along with your existing marketing strategy to increase your sales. 

How does the Birthday Month Marketing Campaign work?

Connect with all your customers whose birthday is due next month. Make sure that your customer has enough time to respond to your text before their birthday comes. 

Also, include an exclusive and highly intriguing promotional offer that the customer can avail during their birthday month.

However, you should ensure that your customer sees this offer as a birthday gift. To increase the offer’s appeal, give them a special gift voucher or promo code with limited validity. 

This offer could make your customers reignite their professional relationship with you and return to your business again. Without this offer, the chance of a repeat sale decreases drastically. 

This way, you can achieve a new net sale at very little cost. So you can discount your customer without damaging your brand and make handsome profits. 

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The question is, how to cut the required time to finish the entire process without sacrificing big?

The first thing you can do is capture the personal details of every customer that visits your store. That includes their birthday information as well. This way, their birthday data stays stored in your database. Employ a sales team, if needed. The sales team can efficiently capture every customer’s birthday data with ease.

You can offer incentives to those customers on their birthdays in the future. It increases repeat sales, at least 70%, as well as the number of customers sharing their birthday information. 

The next thing you can do is identify the right format of texts for your customers and the incentives. You also have to identify the right channels to contact your customers and offer them promotions. You can make use of email, SMS, or even a dedicated eCommerce mobile app. However, remember one thing. Choose the time of communication very carefully. Otherwise, you might end up irritating your customers rather than making them feel special.

The last thing you have to do is choose the right software for sending automated texts. Make sure that the messages are sent to the intended customer. Your software must also be capable of sending the birthday wishes in due time. Otherwise, it might end up embarrassing you and your brand. 

Provided that you’ve taken up all the necessary measures, you are now ready to rumble. 

How can personalization help you in this regard?

Believe it or not, personalization can help your business to flourish. Personalization can make your marketing campaign more effective and fruitful. It can also make each one of your customers feel a little more special. But unfortunately, most businesses have not adopted this incredible strategy yet. Sending personalized birthday messages and promotions to your customers on their birthday can make your business grow like never before. 

Recognizing personal milestones such as the birthdays of your customers is a sweet and genuine gesture. It can make customers come back to your business and pick up where they left off. So what are you waiting for? Capitalize on this great opportunity now and expand your business. 

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