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Video Marketing: To Experience Success from the Get-Go

How many of us exit a web page while a related video in playing? Probably, a handful? All of us do enjoy the visual delight of a power-packed video. Video marketing is an empowering trend amongst marketing strategists. Video marketing was not as easy as it seems today few years back. With rising popularity and easy access to video editing resources, embedding video content on web pages has become a norm.

Video marketing and optimization:

Video SEO is always misinterpreted to be the same as web page optimization. This approach is actually incorrect. Their optimization strategies completely differ from one another. Though including videos with educative content could help you rank high on video search, earning a good rank in the universal search remains a challenge.

Read on to explore more about optimization of video search!

Hosting your video on the best-suited platform:

Chalk down your video marketing plan. Do you intend to drive heavy traffic to your website and boost your conversion rates or do you want to spread the word about your brand? These are two sides of a coin. Considering the former, you could consider hosting platforms like Wistia which has the capability to insert SEO metadata for improving the chances of your video being indexed. This would automatically increase website traffic and accelerate your conversion rates.

On the contrary, in the latter scenario, you could opt for YouTube or Vimeo wherein your video is hosted one amongst the many videos and faces stiff competition from other listed videos. Your customers could be hauled away from your website at the cost of evangelizing your brand.

Based on a survey, it was observed that nearly 70% of the marketers were sure that creating YouTube videos led to definite purchases. 81% of them were positive that they could better engage their viewers through YouTube videos.

Video transcripts with targeted keywords:

Transcripts with the right keywords when coupled with videos have a better chance of getting indexed. When your video is lengthy and plays a focused role on your page, transcripts are an added advantage for being indexed automatically, answer an increased number of search queries and get listed.

Captivating title and description:

Frame an attractive title and meta description for your video and half the work is over! Intuitively, the first aspect visitors look at is the title and the description of the video to know more and decide before the final click. Therefore, spend some time to include trending keywords in the title and description. Now, sit back and watch your video performing at its best.

Dovetailing blogs and videos:

You couldn’t simply dump your web page with videos to rank higher on SERP. Instead, create a relevant page like a blogging corner, write educative, quality content on the video topic and place the video as the focus of the page. This way, you will strike the perfect balance between web page and video SEO.

Utilize social media to the fullest:

Social media is an enabling platform for marketing strategies. Hence, just posting your videos on the web page may not do the trick. Promote your capabilities, and that is the need of the hour. Furthermore, explore all possibilities on social media by posting your video on different channels and spread the word.

Attend to the needs of international traffic:

If you intend to reach out to international customer base, you will need to accommodate video translation to native languages of your targeted geographies. Eventually, you will connect better with people across the world and elevate your potential sales.

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Showcasing thumbnails

The first thing that visitors attract is to the thumbnail. Based on a study by Wistia, it was found that thumbnails with human photographs boasted a 30% higher play rate than the others. Interestingly, viewers connect with your video through the thumbnails. Thus, it is cardinal to craft engaging thumbnails.

Gear up to shoot your video. Incorporate video optimization appropriately and achieve unsurpassed SEO results supporting you in outpacing your competitors.

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