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Are You Aware That Social Sharing Will Improve Ranking ?

It is a fact that business entities always looking forward to enhance their ranking in search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is put to use in almost all online activities right from website content to blogs and Social Sharing. All working in tandem to make sure the company website getting good rank in Google. Of course, the higher the ranking your website gets, the more visibility your site can enjoy. Possibly, People  search  only the first page or two of Google when looking for a particular product or service which means that you need to ensure your website placed as close to the top as possible. In this context, the social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ play a crucial role as an effective SEO automation tool, to access better ranking in search engine.

What is social sharing?

The term Social Signal refers to any activity by users that spreads web content across social platforms. Social sharing, Facebook likes, Google+, and retweets all considered as social signals. It is evident that these signals impact  heavily in favor of  the SEO ranking of a business, essentially strengthening  their position just by attaining more ‘likes’ on social media sites, compared to their competitors.  A forceful social media campaign can definitely impact your SEO, which is one of the most significant reasons why you need to build a solid foundation on social platforms.

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Google+ is still a new arrival when compared to Facebook sharing and Twitter, but considering how influential Google is, it is no surprise that the social signals from its online community have increased impact on its search rankings. To enhance your social media SEO rankings with Google+, you need to consider:

  • Adds and Shares

The more number of people who share your posts, will have SEO power in the future. Try to create strategies that make sure a steady enhancement of “share” over a period of time.

Over a period of time, the number of +1s you access will also enhance your profile’s overall authority in Google+, with the result your future posts will often automatically rank higher. Also, the authority of your followers makes a difference, so you need to ensure that you are speaking to the mindset of other influencers in your industry.

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There is no denying that the Facebook sharing is still the leading force of social media. With over 900 million active users, you cannot neglect this powerful social signal influencer. Here is what you have to focus on for Facebook:

Comments, Likes, and Shares. Try to create content that will get Facebook sharing, as ‘shares’ command more authority unlike ‘likes’. But it should not be construed that the other two are unimportant. A combination of comments, likes, and shares will certainly assist in influencing SEO rankings.

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Even though Facebook may be on top in the list, Twitter is right up there with million users. Here are a few factors that your tweets facilitate in influencing your search engine rankings:

  • Number of followers, mentions, and retweets
  • Authority of followers, mentions, and retweets
  • How quick and strongly you tweet and your followers re-tweet

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Thus, by taking capitalizing the benefits of social media, you can make your website visible to a wide audience. If you take sincere efforts to post interesting and engaging content, your followers will automatically generate traffic to your site. Hence, resulting in a snowball effect that will promote your website across the web with a good SEO keyword ranking.

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