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10 Tips: The App Store Optimization Checklist

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store optimization is a process that is vital to anyone that wants to successfully introduce an app to the marketplace. When done properly, this process helps to improve the visibility of a mobile app in any of the available marketplaces.

Understand Your Customer and Your Competition

To be successful, you need to have an in depth understanding of both your customers and your competition. You need to understand why your customers would choose your app over the competition. When your customers are searching the App Store, what keywords are they using? Beyond understanding what the thought process of your customers is, you should also understand your competition. What is so unique about what they offer in their apps? Is there some design aspect that is especially popular with your target customers?

Choose the Right App Name

There are several reasons that picking just the right app name is an important part of App Store marketing. Including an important search keyword in your name will help to increase your ranking when compared with similar apps. Beyond the importance of adding keywords to your name, your name should catch the attention of your potential customers.
App Store Optimization

Maximize Your Keywords Research

To be successful in the area of App marketing, you should have a thorough understanding of what keywords are the most relevant to your app. If you do not spend the necessary time researching the keywords, your app could end up targeting the wrong group of customers. By spending the time working on this step, you are much more likely to be successful when you begin the App Store marketing of your new app.

Create a Captivating Description

A high-quality description can be what helps to convince your customers that they want your app. Your description should list some of the benefits available to those people smart enough to use your app. Taking the time to carefully word your description can make a huge difference in your success.

Stand Out with a Unique Icon

Your icon will be one of the first impressions your potential customer has of your app. When concerning yourself with app marketing, this is one of the areas that you should spend time researching and developing.

Include Screenshots and Videos

When anyone looks at an app to see what the app is about, they look for both photos and videos that may be included above the description. What you choose to include will leave a lasting impression on your customers about the experience that they can expect to have

Localize Your App Listing

If your app is intended for more than one audience, you should adapt to each of these audiences. This can include using various languages and graphics as it is appropriate for each audience. This will help to increase the appeal of your app to multiple audiences.

Increase Traffic with Social Media Promotion

It seems like everyone is on some form of social media at some point during the week. Spending time creating advertisements on each of these forms of social media can help increase your customer base much more than trusting that they will find you on the App Store will.

Update Your App Frequently

Some of the most well loved apps that are available on the app market will update their apps every one to two months. This allows you to address any concerns that customers may have brought to your attention. Introducing updates also allows you to continually make improvements that you want to add after you introduce the app to the market.
app store optimization

Encourage Ratings and Feedback

An area that many people will check before installing the app is the ratings and feedback. For that reason, it is important to remind your users to submit a rating as well as feedback. To get more feedback, you can offer incentives to those who give feedback in the App Store.

Ongoing App Store Optimization

The entire process of Optimization is something that will not end with the initial introduction of your app to the market. The best apps require continuous work. This allows them to remain current and relevant with their target market.

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