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Competitors clicking on your ads? How to stop them

Google Adwords PPC campaign is an important digital marketing activity. The mechanism of its working goes like this. The business puts ads on the website, and the visitors click these. For every ad clicked, the business pays an agreed amount to Google. Everything looks fine and easy so far. The problem arises when the competitors start sabotaging your Google Adwords attempts.

How competitors spoil your ad game?

Since the businesses need remunerating Google for every click on the ad, they do so in the hope of generating some sales from the clicks scored. The competitor comes into the picture and plays the role of a villain by unnecessarily clicking the ads on your website. The businesses may feel happier about the clicks happening on the ads, but when the clicks do not translate into sales, the real culprit surfaces. All the clicks made by competitors are rendered invalid, and the budget drains out too. 

How to prevent competitors from clicking ads 

Put the spyglass on to find what is not working in your favor despite all efforts? Even Google is there to help you. Some of the actions worth trying to pick the invalid clicker from the horde of clicks gained are listed here.

  1. Notice a single user clicking ads multiple times throughout the day, but not buying anything
  2. Check the website log to find the list of people visiting the most times in a day.
  3. Finally, check the I.P. addresses from where clicks are made and trace back the users.

Of these actions mentioned, the third one is not so easy to do. You may require a legal notice or court order to plug the loopholes created by the envious competitor. By using legal notice or directive for action only, the ISPs can reveal the I.P addresses of futile visitors. Some ISP providers such as iPrimus, iiNet, Optus, Telstra, and a few others disclose I.P information but only as a part of legal action.

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Tools that can help in stopping undue clicking of ads

Google is using its intelligence and innovation to improve its Adwords service in its attempt to serve the best customer experience. They have devised a tool called click fraud software. Its main job is to prevent click abuse by blocking the I.P addresses eating away your Adwords budget. 

However, it is not necessary to straight away block the I.P. address of any frequent visitor. Unless the visit is not causing any harm, it is nice to have visitors on the website. The added comfort it provides is that of running the I.P. address check often and sometimes daily. You never know when any user decides to go rogue and be a pain in your neck; so, staying alert is always advisable.

WordFence for the WordPress Site Owners

WordPress is a handy tool that helps in building websites from scratch with apparent ease. It also offers various plugins to enhance the design, visibility, and safety of the website. One such tool that enables the website to protect itself from unwanted visitors is WordFence. It gives real-time data of the I.P. addresses from where the site has received the clicks. Using this add-on plugin, the website owners can pick the recurrent offenders and block it but on receiving an alert from Adwords.

There are certain PPC protection tools also designed, which can help plug Adwords budget drainage. Whatever service you plan to use, be doubly sure of the culprit before blocking it. 

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