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How to Design a Responsive eCommerce Website for Supermarkets?

With more and more customers adapting to the online shopping trend, it is time for supermarkets and grocery stores to digitalize their business. According to the research, 90% of customers search for a store online before hitting the brick and mortar company. They rely on online information to plan a visit to supermarkets and retail stores.

Building a website for the supermarket is a great way to grow your organic audience and boost your annual revenue. However, supermarket websites are completely different from regular eCommerce platforms. It’s important for grocery stores to hire Mobile app development or a eCommerce website development company to execute the website or mobile app designing and development process smoothly.

A high-quality supermarket website enables its visitors to stay up-to-date with the current deals and available products in the store. Not only should it display the price of each item, but a professional and user-friendly grocery website must offer a smooth navigation experience to its visitors.

A Clear Navigation

We have already mentioned how navigation happens to be the first and most crucial element of a high-quality supermarket website. If you expect your prospects to find you on the internet, then allow them to have the best user experience when they visit your page. A website must be designed keeping in mind your audience’s preference.

The web design and navigation create a first impression. Your prospects consider web design to determine the professionalism and accuracy of a supermarket. They are not going to hit your land-based store if your website looks cluttered, let alone placing an order online.

Basically, you should aim to create a simple, user-friendly, and personalized supermarket website that allows easy navigation. The links to different departments must be clearly placed for smoother and faster navigation. Your customers should be able to find what they need.


Customers nowadays people use multiple devices to access your website. They might try shopping on their computers or Mobiles or even Tablets. It is very important that your website has to designed in such a way that it realigns itself and displays all information properly when accessed from any device. This will ensure a great user experience.

High-quality Imagery

Running a retail and grocery website isn’t that easy. A large portion of your sales come from the users who find your product images attractive enough to shop from your store. In fact, it all depends on how fresh and clear your product images look.

A supermarket website is incomplete without high-resolution images. Whether it is a raw vegetable or packed item, each product you display on your eCommerce store must be accompanied by a clear picture.

You could also offer a price comparison section. This allows shoppers to calculate the amount of money they save by choosing your brand over the competitor’s products. This will motivate your customers to shop from your supermarket and turn into your loyal customers.

Special Offers

Customers are often on the lookout for the best products at the cheapest price. No supermarket website can survive the competition without presenting some interesting sales offer. Even your new visitors will look for the ‘Special Offers’ section on your website to save some money.

A WordPress development company can design a simple and customized website that enables the grocery stores to update daily and weekly specials without having to type lengthy codes. The special offers must change every now and then. For instance, if you are offering discounts on meat every Monday, then add special offers for dairy items or groceries on Thursday. This will keep up the engagement of all kinds of customers i.e. Vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian.

Fast-loading Website and Easy Checkout

A majority of users abandon a website due to the hectic checkout process and slow-loading website. It’s important for a supermarket website to load in seconds and offer a smooth and quick checkout process. You could also integrate extensions and plugins to streamline the transaction process.

Take all these things in mind before starting to design a website for your Grocery or Supermarket.

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